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May 29, 2018 -- Actually, the candidate appears to have issues with the relationship between the USA and Israel. 

And why must they replace "anti-Jewish" with "anti-Semite"?

Democrat Leslie Cockburn is the mother of actress Actress Olivia Wilde.

From Fox News ▼

Virginia Republicans are redoubling their efforts to hold a contested House seat after incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Garrett announced he won't seek re-election, blasting the Democratic candidate in the race as an anti-Semite and vowing to defeat her.

Garrett cited his battle with alcoholism in stepping aside Monday, just days after reassuring voters he would stay in the race.

“Any person – Republican, Democrat or independent—who has known me for any period of time and has any integrity knows two things: I am a good man and I’m an alcoholic,” Garrett said in a video recorded at the state Capitol in Richmond. 

Virginia GOP Chairman John Whitbeck thanked Garrett for his service -- and promptly took a shot at Democratic nominee Leslie Cockburn: 

The Virginia Republican's decision not to seek re-election comes days after unnamed staffers reported mistreatment by the congressman.

"Congressman Garrett’s decision not to seek re-election makes it even more imperative that we select the right nominee to defeat the anti-Semitic Democrat nominee, Leslie Cockburn."

The state party has been throwing barbs at Cockburn, a former producer for "60 Minutes" and reporter for Vanity Fair -- and mother of actress Olivia Wilde -- over past comments she made about Israel. 



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  1. The GOP's infatuation with Israel is rather bizarre considering that predominantly Jewish organizations like the ADL, ACLU, SPLC, and CNN, continue to wage all-out warfare against the traditions and institutions that the GOP claims it wants to defend.

    1. the GOP works for israel. of course barbara lerner spectre said europe will be multicultural and jews will be resented for they're leading role. ever notice if a white saya anything remotely against anyone is worldwide news. but blacks,muslims,jews,mexicans, any 3rd world people can rage on about whites being genocide thats great.