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Democrats treat blacks
like farm animals

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April 9, 2018 -- If you invest in South Africa, the government will expropriate your investment. 

Think of South Africa's government as a privately held corporation that is taking possession of white farms and turning them into slave plantations under the pretext of social justice. 

What the government is doing to white-owned farm land it will do to any white's persons possession of any kind, including corporate stock.

Using twisted logic, the Marxist moonbats that dominate South Africa's government create bogus scenarios in which they justify stealing possessions of white people. The logic hinges on the discredited notion that white-owned possessions were stolen from blacks. 

(Never mind that South Africa's majority black Bantu population arrived long after white settlers.)

What applies to farms applies to any possession. 

If you invest in a South African corporation, the Marxist in South Africa may do what the Marxist did in Stalin's Soviet Union: Take it. Marxists did the sam in Mao Tse-tungs' China.

They appropriated possessions on a whim using various excuses; always something to do with "the people."
Be mindful when the government uses the term "the people" (or "public"). It's a delusion. "The people" or "public" is nearly always synonymous with "government." 

When Stalin stole farms in the Soviet Union and gave the land to "the people," it was actually stealing from the people and giving it to the government. 

More accurately, it was giving the farm land to the individuals who control the government. The people who worked the farm collectives were slaves owned by the people who control the government. 

So, in a very real sense, the individuals who control South Africa's government are transforming white-owned farms into slave plantations. 

The FF Plus has determined that any international investment in South Africa is at risk of being expropriated without compensation. The consequences of this can be fatal for South Africa’s economy.

South Africa only has thirteen bilateral trade agreements in place that offer protection for investors in the case of expropriation and these are not going to be renewed once they lapse. There are also nine lapsed trade agreements that are still effective for a specified period after they have lapsed.

This was gleaned from the answers to questions posed in writing by the FF Plus to the Minister of Trade and Industry.

In terms of the thirteen effective and nine lapsed trade agreements, countries and their investors who are expropriated in the “national interest” must be compensated strictly according to market value. It includes countries like Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, South Korea, Russia, China, Cuba and even Zimbabwe (the latter since 2010).

However, in the place of these agreements South Africa has implemented the Protection of Investment Act that, contrary to its name, offers almost no protection to investors should they be expropriated of their assets without compensation. This act automatically comes into effect when the operational period of a trade agreement has lapsed.

What is of great importance is section 10 of the act that stipulates that international investors have the right to property in terms of section 25 of the Constitution. The implication is that any amendment to section 25 of the Constitution to provide for expropriation without compensation will also be applicable to international investors’ assets. This can have far-reaching consequences – for example, the expropriation without compensation of BMW’s vehicle manufacturing plant, including any and all intellectual property rights; the expropriation without compensation of Disney’s film rights in South Africa in contravention of the Berne Convention; and the expropriation without compensation of listed shares of multinational companies.



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