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April 16, 2018 -- 

The Baltimore Museum of Art announced Friday that it is selling seven artworks by such 20th-century masters as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Franz Kline to make way for pieces by contemporary artists of color and women.

Certainly, black communities should embrace their culture, form affinity groups, and assert their best interests. 

The problem lies in the hypocrisy. To demonstrate, let's rephrase the above paragraph. 

Certainly, white communities should embrace their culture, form affinity groups, and assert their best interests. 

If the first is not racist, the second is also not racist. If the second is racist, then the first is also racist. 

• Note the artwork is being replaced and displaced. That is, it's being auctioned rather than warehoused. What if monuments honoring Confederate heroes were also auctioned rather than warehoused?

• Consider that America's black population is either descended from the 450,000 blacks rescued from Africa's brutal slave owners or legal immigrants who, like colonist Anthony Johnson, came to better themselves by contributing to our culture. 

America's illegal Hispanic and Islamic populations are largely invaders coming to displace our culture. 

• Cultural Marxism is keenly attuned to the compulsion to create an integrated and inclusive society. Oddly, this compulsion for inclusion and integration is painfully limited. The far left cares little about the brutality suffered by women and people of color at the hands of Islamic slugs around the world. It seems the far left only cares about women and people of color when it advances their agenda. 

• Hypocrisy is also seen in the fact that cultural Marxism denies the right of white people to have their own space. Anywhere. 

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Going up for sale at Sotheby’s in May are two artworks by Warhol (“Oxidation Painting” from 1978 and “Hearts” from 1979) and one each by Kline (“Green Cross” from 1956) and Rauschenberg (“Bank Job” from 1979). Rounding out the seven are three paintings by lesser-known artists: Kenneth Noland’s “Lapis Lazuli” from 1963 and “In-Vital” from 1982, along with Jules Olitski’s “Before Darkness II” from 1973.


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