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April 16, 2018 -- If you desire to vent your virtue, here's the golden opportunity to signal. Starbucks is accused of racism "at its ugliest level" after two black males were arrested for trespassing. 

• Had the cops been called on two white men trespassing, would a media firestorm ensued? Or is virtue signalling reserved exclusively for black victims? 

R Brewer
• Starbucks recently hired a black woman as COO. Rosalind Brewer came to Starbucks from Sam's Club where she served as CEO. Brewer has a net worth of $25-million, reports say, and appears to be bi-racial. 

• Is there any indication that the suspects were arrested due to race? Were the employees who called the cops black? Does it matter? 

• Has white racism declined so dramatically in America that the worse case scenario of racism "at its ugliest level" is two black guys being asked not to trespass?

• Is it possible the men were casing the joint or waiting for a lull in patron presence to commit a robbery? Could that be white Starbucks has a policy against loitering? 

• I was recently asked by a friend why I obsess about race. This story exemplifies the reason: The far left obsesses about race and requires an answer. 

• Here's a statement you won't hear from Starbucks:

"Starbucks is pleased to announce is policy against loitering  is enforced without racial bias." 

Here's another statement you won't hear from Starbucks:

"Blacks, and only blacks, are exempt from our policy against loitering." That, however, appears to be the de facto policy. 

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'It's racism at its ugliest level': National outrage and call for Starbucks boycott after two black men are arrested for trying to use restroom without buying anything

Two black men in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, were arrested Thursday 

They were sitting in Starbucks waiting for their friend when the cops were called

The hashtag #BoycottStarbucks was trending Saturday after the incident

People called the moment 'racism at its ugliest level' in America 

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson plans to fly to Philadelphia to apologize face-to-face with the two men who were arrested  


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