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Hatred heaped on realist writer

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April 4, 2018 -- More evidence is emerging that suggests David Hogg is a crisis actor; a sock puppet following a script crafted by the globalist left to puncture the Bill of Rights by attacking the Second Amendment (2A). 

A video posted on our YouTube channel garnered more 'thumbs down' than 'thumbs up' strongly suggesting that it has been targeted by a coordinated attack from social justice warriors (SJWs). 

SJWs, it appears, are out in force attempting to cleanse social media of any challenges to their fake-news narrative that the NRA and the Second Amendment are to blame for mass school shootings. 

Hogg seems to have disappeared in recent days from the mainstream media. This may be due to puppet masters pulling their crisis actor after his rants were followed by a surge in gun sales, membership spike in the NRA, and a jump in President Donald Trump's approval ratings. 

In fact, Hogg's diatribes could possibly be the final nail in the Democrats' hopes to make significant gains in the November election. 

Oddly, the video they chose to attack contained an unedited and without annotations interview  in which Hogg was asked softball questions from CNN. It was followed by two other unedited news reports critical of the anti-2A movement. 

Mutliple YouTube channels, including InfoWars, reported receiving strikes for using the term "crisis actor" or "crisis actors," more evidence of massive SJW coordinated attacks on free speech. 

Watch the offending video here ▼


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