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April 29, 2018 -- A 13-year-old girl in Sweden was brutally raped by three black Somali males. Even after their victim began to bleed, the slugs continued their gang rape. 

13-year-old girl began to bleed: they continued to rape anyway - and now all three have to stay in Sweden

The four Somalis raped a 13-year-old girl in Västerås until she started bleeding, then continuing the rape. Now three of the Somalis are sentenced to a few months of youth care and compensation. None of them can be expelled with current legislation - because they have received Swedish passports. The group violence was filmed and spread on social media, and the girl, who was extremely badly wounded by the abuse, has suffered shame in school.

On June 14, 2017, the day after school closure, a 13-year-old girl was grouped in a toilet in an apartment in Västerås.

The perpetrators were three Somalis, all of whom were reported to be born in 2000. A fourth Somali participated in the group violence but released punishment because he was registered as a minor at the time.

In police interrogation, the girl told the Somalis to offer her alcohol and that she was very affected.

One of the perpetrators then brought her to the toilet and raped her.

When she came back to the living room, everyone sat there watching her, told the girl.

Then another somalis brought her to the toilet to rape her together with a third. When they were in the toilet, the minor, the Somalier, came in and had intercourse with the girl, which led to the girl's abdomen spreading and blood began to flow.

As she was crying out on the balcony, one of the Somalis came and raped her again on the balcony - while the others were watching.

After the group violence, the girl has cut herself, become cold, angry and easy-going. She has a high school absence, and at night she is dreaming nightmares, crying and can not sleep alone.

At least two of the Somalis filmed the protracted assault and the rape film was spread on social media. The film sequences became one of the prosecutor's strongest evidence and was recorded during the trial, writes Sweden's Television.

In school and elsewhere, the girl has been exposed to glamor words. She has been exposed to rumor spread and received communications via social media about not reporting police violence to the police.

During the night, stone has been thrown at the home of the girl and her family, told the mother at the trial.

About three weeks after the incident, the girl also suffered from fever fever, which, according to a doctor, she may have had it through "sexual contacts". She was affected by 40 degree fever.

General documents show that all three convicted citizens have citizenship in both Sweden and Somalia - and therefore, they can not expel them to Africa as long as the legislation looks like it does today.

As late as September 2017, two of the Somalis were convicted of a robbery committed in April 2017. The sentence was then youth care.

On April 18, Västmanland District Court announced the judgment in the rape goal. The three prosecuted Somalis are convicted of rape against children and the punishment became eight months of youth care each. Together they will pay more than 186,000 kronor in damages to the girl.

Two of the Somalis are also convicted of child pornography.



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