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April 21, 2018 -- You decide if you believe this is a racist assault as a young woman with toddler is attacked. 

What if the races were reversed? 

This website is dedicated to fighting all racism; including anti-white racism. 


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  1. if it were reverced world news for 10 years special sensitivity training at all universitys and those stores. that store burn't down. 1000s of whites attacked and murdered. sick of these spoiled low IQ average white people and normies? oh and the parades and riots and stupid whites with them.

    1. nothing new...this has been happening for decades with little to zero coverage by JEW owned media outlets.
      Funny , the jews run the college/teachers unions and own the music/movie biz in hymiewood but nobody EVER puts it all together that these evil people are behind what is happening in the west!
      Sure, nignogs , beaners and towel-heads are their proxy militias doing all the violence in the streets, but these groups have NO power at the top tiers of government.

  2. even though its not happening, you deserve it whitey....y'know because of the hollowco$t ,slavery and saint skittles