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April 12, 2018 -- No one less than has revealed that Democrats are three times  more likely to unfriend others on Facebook than their sane counterparts. 

From (2016) ▼

This year’s bitter presidential election has caused a rift in online relationships. According to a new survey, 13% of Americans reported blocking or unfriending a “friend” on social media because of their political postings

But the results of the study, carried out by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute, show the impulse to block varies widely based on gender and political leanings.

The study shows Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans (24% vs. 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election. A similar disparity turned up for self-identified liberals versus conservatives (28% vs. 8%). Meanwhile, only 9% of independents reportedly booted someone out of their online social circles because of politics.

As this graphic shows, the survey also identified “Democratic women” as the most likely of all groups to block someone on social media:



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  1. Well, liberalism is a religion. When you question it, it's the equivalent of heresy to them. This is a religious conflict, first and foremost.

  2. The differences that most have with liberalism are so sharp and so profound they simply are not to be reconciled. It's sad that that many honorable people take longer to reach this inevitable conclusion. People conclude association with liberals one way or do so the other. Any protracted effort to find common ground with these liberal defects of human personality only postpones the "goodbye" funeral. It never prevents it.

    1. Very true.

      One cannot logically reconcile with that which is not true.

  3. When Billy Crapped His PantsApril 13, 2018 at 12:08 PM

    Article: "The study shows Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans (24% vs. 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election."

    I voted for Trump, but that said, here might be some reasons for this:

    1) Of course Democrats were "more likely to unfriend someone" - THEY LOST! They lost and they were angry. Makes perfect sense.

    2) Very likely, because there is a higher ratio of Democrats on Facefuck, so of course there's going to be a higher incidence of "unfriending".

    3) More women "unfriend" than men because, well, they just do. Nothing shocking here either.

    None of this is to suggest liberals are no different than non-liberals, but that these "studies" can slant findings in ways that are misleading.

    1. 2) it was percentage; not number of instances.


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