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April 21, 2018

A European "rescues" and Negro
slave from his African owner

DAILYKENN.com -- "Can we just make it illegal to arrest black people in the United States of America?"

That's the question asked by sbpdl.com when noting Baltimore's police commissioner apologizes to a massive crowd of young blacks at a hip-hop concert. 

Here's the take away:

Young black thugs know they are young black thugs. They also know the "dindu nuffin" is a perpetual lie; a last ditch 'nothing to lose' escape hatch to avoid consequences. 

Similarly, the 200-years-of-oppression myth is also a hoax. 

Black Americans have a higher standard of living today than any black group has had past or present. 

Apologizing the young black ferals does nothing to enhance their lives but, rather, encourages them to pursue a life of irresponsibility; to remain trapped in the web of failure and dependency.

Apologizing for non-existent oppression is the opposite of compassion.  It is the ultimate form of oppression in that it binds the minds of young blacks preventing them from pursuing effective lives. 

The coarse realities that none care to admit are: 

1. Blacks were rescued by slave traders. 

The false Roots narrative is that whites invaded African villages, bopped passive Negroes on the head, and led them away in restraints to lives of brutal drudgery. 

The true narrative is that European and Jewish slave traders purchased Negroes from black village chiefs. The fate of black slave women in Africa was rape; then murder. They were expendable. The fate of black male slaves in Africa was castration and compulsory military service. They, too, were expendable. 

Black slaves in Africa were little more than cattle. Anthropologists say that black slaves were a meat source; they were slaughtered and eaten like cattle. 

To be sold to slavery in North America was akin to winning a lottery. 

Accurately, slavery in North America should be viewed as adoption in which the adopted were generally protected by stringent laws that prohibited abuse and mandated food, shelter, and healthcare. Granted, some slaves were abused, (eg; Delphine Lalaurie) but adopted and foster children are also abused as are children in government schools. 

2. Black slaves in America often led autonomous lives, owned property, had savings accounts, and engaged in business ventures. 

3. Feral black teens are immersed in a culture of violence, neglect, irresponsibility, self-pity, and programmed failure. 

4. Feral black teens, in the aggregate, seem to have intellects that prevent them from acquiring Ozzie-and-Harriet status. This disadvantage is reinforced by a "reversionist" (neologism) culture. 

From baltimore.cbslocal.com ▼

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore’s police commissioner addressed a crowd at a hip-hop concert alongside the mayor, but the audience didn’t seem interested in what he had to say.

“I want to take about 20 seconds to apologize for all the things that the police have done dating back 200 years,” Commissioner Darryl De Sousa said at Wednesday’s Eric B. & Rakim concert at Baltimore Soundstage.

A video posted by Baltimore Fishbowl shows De Sousa being met with a few applause but mostly boo’s — as well as several profanities.

“Two hundred years ago, all the way to civil rights. All the way to the ’80s where crack was prevalent in the cities and it affected disproportionately African-American men. All the way to the ’90s. All the way to the 2000’s when we had zero tolerance,” De Sousa added.

The commissioner went on to say he promises changes will be made to policing in the future.

On Thursday night, the president of Baltimore’s police union issued this statement, in part: “I’m not sure that a blanket apology covering 200 years is appropriate. Law enforcement was created to protect and serve the citizenry despite race and that is what we strive to do, daily.”

Baltimore Soundstage says the remarks were not choreographed, but they said, in part, “We saw two passionate public servants starting a conversation that needs to be had.”

The Baltimore Police Department has been under fire for reports of abuse of overtime pay, a federal racketeering investigation and a federal order to overhaul the department’s policies and practices.

Baltimore has also seen a surge in violence over the past few weeks after a decline to start the new year.


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  1. the dindus should be apologizing for they're constant murder of police. and raping over 100 white women a day. and robbing,murdering,and setting on fire 100 whites a week. spoiled genetically criminal primitive beast. and africans created slavery and slavery still is strong in africa. they are inheriting evil and blackness is the problem. never apologize to these creatures.

  2. negroes should not be in our nation.
    they should be shipped back and even suggesting that they "wont be arrested" will cause massive chaos, even more-so than the chaos that already exists everywhere the negro exists.
    They are a plight forced upon white america and a racial motivated war has already been waged against whites when a person evaluates interracial crime data.
    Here is a great website that reports a lot , but not all, of negro on human predation.

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