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after criticizing hate-group member, Ilhan Omar

April 26, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Finding any trace of racism among whites is so challenging that it requires micro-analysis to detect it. 

Nonetheless, the quest to stereotype whites as insensitive racists never ends. 

White racism is so rare that anti-white bigots must resort to breaking down innocuous words and phrase to illuminate the imagined sinister mindset that political correction officers insist is visceral among white people. 

The creation of that fake stereotype requires anti-white racism. 

A case in point is phrase uttered by Roseanne's Trump-backing character: "They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up."

From complex.com ▼

A controversial joke in the Roseanne reboot's third episode is causing a stir online.

"We missed all the shows about black and Asian families," Dan said in the episode, likely referencing ABC's other series, Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat. But Roseanne, whose character and real-life persona are both Trump supporters, was quick to respond. "They’re just like us. There, now you’re all caught up," she said. Since then, the joke has been criticized for being tone deaf on the diverse series on the network.

The objective has never been to purge white people of their inherent racism. The intent is to hyper-sensitize white people to believe they are cursed with the racist gene compelling them to surrender their culture to non-whites as atonement for their frailty. 

Truth be known, whites are the most anti-racist race on the planet. If whites were are racist as cultural Marxism pretends, there would be no none-whites. White people have the intelligence, innovation, and wealth to obliterate every non-white on the planet.  

Kelvin Yu, the East Asian who punctuated Roseanne's alleged micro-racism, is a beneficiary of Western benevolence. Will the actor ever express gratitude to whites for creating an environment in which he can prosper? Do parasites ever thanks their hosts? Of course not. 

Then, again, comparing invading non-whites to parasites is racist. 


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  1. whites are always accused of incipient racism. but by observation and statistics blacks seem to be the root of most problems world worldwide.

    1. Blacks have no power, like brown people of all nationalities.
      The zionist jews and their shabbos goy freemasons in our ZOGs have forced this evil genocide against us the split second our "anti-semitic" ancestors relinquished their power and influence to the ideals of these jews under the guise of "liberalism" and "equality" and "tolerance" for their forced multiculturalism and open borders agenda to wipe out our people demographically and every other way fathomable.
      Its okay, we deserve it because of the hollowhoax and slavery..

  2. yeah...the jews are behind it all.
    they have warped the minds of billions and have convinced a large % of white Europeans to believe and accept the idea that would should not even be permitted to exist.


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