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April 13, 2018 -- A proposed plaque marking the home of legendary British statesman Enoch Powell is being opposed. 

Enoch Powell was a stellar statesman whose notorious warnings of the impending destruction of British culture through massive immigration foretold the nation's current state of erosion. 

For that Powell was stigmatized as a racist and shunned from politically correct society. 

The visceral hatred against patriots like Powell continues.

How long before Westminster Cathedral is razed due to its racist heritage? 

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The row comes as the BBC faces strong criticism over plans to broadcast Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech. Photograph: Popperfoto/Getty Images

It is an unremarkable house on a busy road in Wolverhampton: semidetached, five bedrooms, a coal bunker, some original features including ceiling roses and stained-glass windows, currently rented to a young family with a large German shepherd called Fang.

One day it could also sport a blue plaque on its front wall, informing passersby that “Enoch Powell, 1912-1998, Conservative MP, lived here”.

These few words would not reflect Powell’s legacy, nor reveal the strength of feeling of many city residents against the erection of a monument to their erstwhile MP. Among others, Clive Gregory, the bishop of Wolverhampton, speaking on behalf of local faith organisations, has strongly opposed the idea, saying it would be “widely interpreted as honouring Enoch Powell’s racist views”.

Nominations for a plaque have been received by the Wolverhampton Civic and Historical Society, which will consider them this year if they turn into a formal application. A decision on whether to proceed could come within months of Friday’s 50th anniversary of the politician’s inflammatory anti-immigration “rivers of blood” speech.

Powell, who represented Wolverhampton South West for almost a quarter of a century, caused outrage with the speech he made in Birmingham on 20 April 1968. He claimed constituents had told him Britain would soon not be worth living in as a result of immigrants and their descendants.

“It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre,” he said. “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the river Tiber foaming with much blood’.”


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