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April 9, 2018 -- The intent seems to be: Leave no safe space for Western culture anywhere on the planet. Not even the smallest islands can be overlooked. 

There will be nowhere for the next generation of white people to go to escape the globalist contamination of our culture. It's as if every cell of a person's body is infected with a toxic disease. 

From the largest cities, such as London, to the tiniest outpost islands, such as Outer Hebrides, the United Kingdom is being contaminated. And once contaminated, the virus of Islamic hate will never retreat. 

First, we were convinced that white spaces were inherently racist. We could have no white-only clubs, affinity groups, or professional organizations. Such are exemplary for other ethnic groups. Only white groups are exempt. 

Second, we were convinced that rejecting the invasion of our culture — from tiny islands to major cities — is intolerance; that we must be inclusive. 

Third, we were introduced to safe-spaces for non-whites which we ridicule. We are unaware that this is a psychological ploy that causes us to reject our own safe spaces. 

From Daily Mail ▼

The first mosque in the Outer Hebrides will open this year after a crowdfunding campaign raised £56,000 just days after being set up

First mosque in Outer Hebrides will open this summer after £50,000 was raised

It is expected to open despite the Presbyterian Free Church's open opposition

A house in Stornoway, a main town on the Isle of Lewis will be converted 

The first mosque in the Outer Hebrides will open this summer after backers raised more than £50,000 in an online appeal.

It is expected to open despite the Presbyterian Free Church urging its followers to pray that ‘no mosque will ever appear in Stornoway’, the main town on the Isle of Lewis where a house is to be converted.

A crowdfunding campaign for the mosque, which has been granted planning permission by the Western Isles Council, raised £56,000 within days of being started by builder Aihtsham Rashid.

The 39-year-old from Leeds had been contacted by the growing Syrian community on Lewis, whose relatively small numbers were recently swollen by the arrival of six refugee families from the war-torn country.

Mr Rashid said: ‘Against all odds and opposition from the Free Church of Scotland they have now been granted permission to build. I have been personally requested to go up and help them with the build and planning due to my experience in building mosques.’


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