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Why are "feminists" in Sweden
afraid to speak out?

April 13, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Penn State University is trashing its homecoming king and queen to accommodate the bizarre rational of the far left's social engineers. 

A poll published by a student newspaper reveals overwhelming opposition to the move. 

Gender identity is anathema to the cultural Marxism cult. 

Why is that? 

When our sense of identity is removed we become more susceptible to thought reform. For this reason cultural Marxism has fought our racial, religious, cultural, national, and gender identities. They are removing our compass to they may lead us in their direction. 

From campusreform.org ▼

The students in charge of Homecoming festivities at Pennsylvania State University have decided to eliminate the “gendered” titles of “King” and “Queen" in favor of a gender-neutral "Guide State Forward Award."

The Homecoming and Royalty Committees will also eliminate the male-to-female ratio court representation in “an effort to embrace more diversity and gender inclusivity.” Ten representatives will now be chosen regardless of gender. 

The Penn State Homecoming Executive Court and Royalty Committee announced Tuesday morning changes to how typical courts are selected.

The titles of "Homecoming King and Queen" will be eliminated.

In addition, the male to female ratio representation — typically five males and five females — will be replaced with a different selection of individuals, according to a press release.

"In an effort to embrace diversity and gender inclusivity within our community, ten candidates who capture the essence of the values we hold true as a university will be chosen, regardless of their gender, gender identity, and/or gender expression," the release states.

Though in past years the top two student court members were acknowledged as "King and Queen," Homecoming plans to instead recognize these two members with the "Guide State Forward Award."

“To us, it’s less about what a student looks like on paper and more about embracing the whole person and the unique experiences and backgrounds of each Penn Stater,” Ally Berdan, executive director for Homecoming 2018, said.


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