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April 10, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- An Irish teacher was raped by six Algerian male students while vacationing in Prague she claims. 

Algeria is a sh*thole country dominated by toxic Islamic sludge. Algerians seeks to escape the cesspool of their own making by pretending to be refugees in civilized and cultured Western nations. 

Fake feminists, as always, are silent after this brutal attack, reserving their vitriol for white men who commit vile sexist acts such as holding doors, tipping hats, and insist that women be given privileged status on sinking ships. 

Apparently the victim was sufficiently brainwashed in Ireland that when she encountered an Islamic slug at a bar (yes, Muslims suckle the brew) there were no red flags popping off in her brain. 

From The Sun ▼

The woman told police that she was scared and closed her eyes during the attack.

She said: “I felt how they were changing on me [one after another]. I was very scared, felt terrible. I told myself I was stupid.

“I was upset. I thought they would kill me.”

The men, who were travelling together through Europe, were paraded before a court in Prague on Wednesday after armed police stormed their apartment.

A dramatic video shows armed Czech police bursting into a building and arresting the six men — all aged between 20 to 24.

The shocking clip shows cops ramming through a barricaded door and handcuffing the alleged rapists before taking them out of the building.

Further details of the horror attack were released by police in the Czech capital ­yesterday.

It is understood the woman only arrived in Prague with five other friends on Sunday evening.

They went to a nightclub where she met one of the Algerian men, after which she returned with him to his ­accommodation.

The woman told police the man then became aggressive.

She said in her statement: “He started to be very abusive so I fought with him.”

She reported the man then became angry and left the room. The woman started to collect her clothes and put them on.

She added: “Then he got back with his friends and they started to rape me.”

The Irishwoman said she believed all six men raped her, but she did not look at them.

It is understood one of the men accompanied her to the reception of the hotel and called her taxi.

He then went back to his apartment. The woman told the receptionist that she had been raped.


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  1. The Algerians have been released after being cleared by the Czech courts https://www.alg24.net/arretes-prague-viol-collectif-etudiants-algeriens/


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