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April 23, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Police in Manchester, England say they won't investigate the brutal beating of a 12-year-old girl. An investigation would not be cost effective, the cops said. Beside, police are overwhelmed with diversity; otherwise known as crime. 

Feral youths have taken over the streets. 

The media refused to mention if  the feral slugs are Muslims or blacks; neither groups of slugs should be in Britain. 

From manchestereveningnews.co.uk 

Police haven’t lost control on the streets of Tameside, Greater Manchester’s chief constable has insisted - but he's admitted they can't 'get to every single crime and investigate every single crime to the degree the public would wish us to'.

Speaking on BBC Radio Manchester on Monday morning, Ian Hopkins said policing cuts meant dealing with lesser crimes was having to make way for ‘murders, serious sexual offences and terrorism’.

It comes after a Manchester Evening News investigation into complaints from residents in Hyde being ‘held to ransom’ by a gang of school-aged thugs reported to be intimidating people and businesses and vandalising cars and homes.

Chief Constable Hopkins was quizzed about the MEN report, and was asked if police had 'lost control' of the streets in Hyde. He replied: “We are a long way from that.

“There are crime hotspots, there always have been and there always will be. Young people very sadly do stupid things when they are growing up.

“I’m well aware of what some young people are doing in and around the stores. It’s not acceptable.”

He also praised Hyde sergeant Alan Sanders for how he and his team were dealing with reports of ‘feral’ youths, some of whom have armed themselves with knives.

But he stressed that ‘seven years of policing cuts’ meant they were ‘stretched dealing with murders, serious sexual offences and terrorism, adding: “The lower level crime - and if you are a victim of it there is no such thing as a low level crime because every crime is distressing - that’s where people are really feeling the impact across Greater Manchester.”

He said they had worked ‘incredibly hard’ to reshape the force, in part by bringing in new technology to enable them to do the job with fewer people.

But he added: “The bottom line is there are 2,000 less people and we are having to make really difficult decisions.”

He said this was challenging when they are dealing with ‘people trying to access children to abuse them, meet up with them to rape them’.”

They were working with mayor Andy Burnham on a plan they could afford, he said, adding: “We are just not able to get to every single crime and investigate every single crime to the degree the public would wish us to.

“We are daily having to assess each and every single incident that comes in and say ‘how much threat is that causing to a community or individual?’

Referring to the battle to get more cash for policing, he added: “Things are really tight we have to continue to keep the pressure up.”

Residents and traders in Hyde told the MEN over the weekend that there are incidents involving ‘feral’ youths - some of whom carry knives - on a daily basis.

They say trouble has ‘spread like the plague’. Some people say they are scared to go out alone at night.



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  1. diversity is your greatest strength , goyim

  2. Let vigilantism take its turn. Cops and courts protect nobody.


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