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Student arrested for uttering
the N-word

April 20, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- There is a reason why buses were segregated. 

Identity confusion is becoming more common as the far left presses our culture to be empathetic for persons with deviant personality disorders. Those who attempt to help them are stigmatized as "phobic".

This is made evident by the source article that characterizes the man as "she." 

If a person wants to "transition" from birth gender to the other, social engineers demand we be empathetic and supportive. However, those who help individuals transition to their birth gender from the other are stigmatized as "homophobes" or some other pejorative. 

From wbtv.com ▼

A Charlotte man has been charged with aggravated assault after he is accused of brutally beating a transgender woman on a Charlotte Area Transit (CATS) bus over the weekend. Video of the attack was posted on social media Wednesday night and went viral.

According to police, the attack happened early Saturday morning on a CATS bus along the 400-block of N Tryon Street in Charlotte. An officer was reportedly flagged down by a man who witnessed the attack, telling the officer that the victim was punched and kicked in the face by a man on the bus.

The 24-year-old victim, who goes by Jayla Ware, was taken to Presbyterian Hospital to be treated for her injuries, which includes a broken jaw. She was later released from the hospital.

When Ware appears to be knocked out from the punches, Hedman then stomps her in the head with his boots. He stomped on her head at least twelve times.

According to officials, police began searching the area immediately for the Hedman. He was located and arrested a short distance away from where the incident occurred. He is charged with aggravated assault inflicting serious injury.

WBTV spoke to Ware on Thursday. She said Hedman was a friend, and that she has known him for some time. She said Hedman's sister even visited her after the attack.

She said others have also reached out to her.

"I'm glad that a lot of people really have stepped up... tried to reach out to me," she said. "And I thank God, because, if anything - I could have been dead."

Ware said her face is still swollen in several places and she'll have to have surgery on her broken jaw. She says she's still in pain and has trouble swallowing and eating.

Hedman has been arrested at least 20 times in Charlotte on various charges including resisting arrest, trespassing, protective order violation, drug charges, breaking and entering, common law robbery and probation violations. Hedman has also been charged with assault on a female three separate times - in January 2018, December 2017 and May 2017.

Ware can't remember anything about what happened but says she has been in fights before. This time she never punched back.

"I didn’t do none of the sorts," she said. "I was just gone and getting my face teared through.”

Ware says that's not the life she wants to be associated with anymore.

"It's time to slow it down a bit. I don't have time to be getting my jaw broken again," she said. *

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