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April 23, 2018 -- London's Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan has ushered in a new age of violence and intolerance, then has the audacity to accuse President Donald Trump of “amplifying far-right messages”.

Again, we see the Marxist mandate: Accuse others of doing what you do.

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Mr Khan, who has clashed with Mr Trump on numerous occasions since they were both elected in 2016, made the comments following reports he is planning a visit to the UK. 

Speaking at a St George’s Day event in Trafalgar Square, the London Mayor warned of protests against the US President should he decide to visit Britain. 

Mr Khan is himself under intense pressure to tackle a spike in violent crime across the capital, with more than 60 murder investigations opened so far this year. 

He said: “I hope if he does come, he reflects on the difference good leadership can make. 

“We have got a great history in our city of protests... we have got a great history in our city of bringing about change by protest, the key thing is for it to be lawful, for it to be peaceful.

“I have no doubt that if he does come, there will be some people who want to express their views loudly and peacefully to the president."

In November, Mr Trump sparked fury by retweeting a number of inflammatory videos from Britain First, which saw Prime Minister Theresa May condemn him for his actions.

Mr Khan added: “The message should be loud and clear that we think it is wrong that anyone should be amplifying far-right message” or messages of hatred or division. 

“I was very disappointed to be honest that the leader of our closest ally was doing just that, and we shouldn't be embarrassed to say to our best friend that we think they are wrong.

“I think our best friend, the USA, their leader was wrong when he retweeted messages from a far-right group.”

The US President is yet to visit the UK since being elected to the White House in November 2016, while a visit to London to open the new US Embassy in January failed to materialise.

Mr Trump cancelled this visit after criticising the embassy’s move from Grosvenor Square in Mayfair of central London to an “off location” at Nine Elms, south of the Thames. 

The decision not to open the building sparked speculation that the US President had been offended by perceived slights against him by UK figures.  

Mr Trump has endured a fractious relationship with Mrs May over the past 18 months, with the Prime Minister openly criticising comments made by her US counterpart on Muslims, terrorism and climate change.  

But tensions appeared to have thawed recently, with Mr Trump expressing his gratitude for the support shown by the UK and France during the targeted air strikes on Syria last weekend. 


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