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April 2, 2018 -- 
I've nothing against the Africentric concept other than presupposing it's little more than cultural Marxism effort to instill victimization in the minds of black students as they calculate the space of a polygon. 

Questions arise:

If diversity is our strength, why do we need Africentric math? Wouldn't black students gain more strength from a diverse math environment?

If race is a social construct that begets racism, wouldn't an Africentric class reinforce that construct and, in turn, anti-black racism? 

Does immersing oneself in a culture-specific environment aid in advancing math skills?

Is the Africentric approach a backdoor excuse to blame black failure on "systemic racism"? If not, then why do East Asians excel in math and sciences without Asian-centric math courses?

Will the Africentric learning environment inflict a negative impact when graduates enter the workforce? 

Are other people groups afforded the same privilege? Will there be a homocentric math class for homosexual? A transcentric math class for transexuals? A female-centric math class for females? An autistic-centric math class for students with autism? If not, then why are black students given preferential status. 


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