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April 9, 2018

Bryn Mawr College HATE GROUP -
In 2014 two coeds were shamed
for displaying a cultural icon by haters who
were not tolerant and inclusive. -- There is a synagogue on Main Street. Across from the synagogue is a storefront which houses the headquarters of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party. 

The synagogue does not allow Nazis to join its congregation. The Nazis are reluctant to welcome Jews into its party. 

Do we conclude the groups are intolerant? 

Across the street from each other are the headquarters of the Trump for President and Hillary for President headquarters. Hillary's group is reluctant to welcome MAGA-hat wearing Republicans join their group. In fact they use the pejorative 'deplorable' to describe them. Trump backers are less that enthusiastic about allowing Hillary enthusiasts to join their ranks. 

Do we conclude the groups are intolerant? 

Take a moment and think of other examples of group intolerance and exclusion. 

A college in Philadelphia shamed two coeds for displaying a cultural icon; a Confederate flag. The college was intolerant of the students. 

Oddly, it never occurs to the administration at Harvard that they are using bogus claims of intolerance to exclude the Christian group. 

That is what Marxists are trained to do: Accuse your enemies of doing what you do. Intolerant and exclusive Marxists accuse those they exclude of being intolerance and exclusive. 

From Boston Globe ▼

Harvard University administrators have sanctioned a Christian student club for one year after it allegedly pressured a female student leader to resign in December because she was dating a woman, the Harvard Crimson reported on Thursday.

The club’s leaders, however, said they do not believe they violated any policy.

Although the university did not specify the reason the club was penalized, a college spokesman confirmed in an e-mail Thursday that the Harvard College Faith and Action group has been placed on a one-year “academic probation.”


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  1. the synagogue created karl marx. his real name is moses mordecai marx levy. cultural marxism too. mmk.