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April 15, 2018 -- More then 25 percent of persons suspected of slaying police officers were black. 

Simple numbers appeal to the simpleminded. While most cop killing suspects are not black, a disproportionate number of the suspects are black. 

Persons with IQs under 85 will incorrectly assume that blacks are less likely than non-blacks to kill police. That is because persons with dull intellectual capacities are incapable of comprehending the simple concept of proportion, percent, or per capita

About 13 percent of the American population is black. Yet 25.42 percent of cop-killing suspects are black. Blacks are over represented by a significant margin. In fact, we can conclude that blacks are about twice as likely to be cop killers relative to the general population. 

74.58 percent of cop-killing suspects are not black, but represent about 87 percent of the American population. The conclusion is, again, that blacks are more likely to be cop killers than other people groups combined.

Or — if that 13 percent of the population were to move to Liberia, the number cops killed in America would decrease by about 25 percent. 

From Newsweek ▼

More cops were killed in the line of duty last year than in any year since 2011, leading many, including some in the FBI, to falsely connect the increase in violence with the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Earlier this month, the FBI declared that "black identity extremists" are a violent threat to officers, but data released by the Bureau on Monday shows white people are actually much more of a threat to cops. 

Sixty-six officers were killed, either by being shot or run down intentionally, in 2016, but out of 59 cop-killing suspects only 15 were black.

Critics slammed the "divisive" narrative of police bias as leading to blame ending up in the wrong place.


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  1. in the last 10 years , 99% of cop killers are black.

  2. bees make honey how shocking.