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April 7, 2018 -- Many are familiar with the legacy of George Stinney. The 14-year-old black boy was executed by the state of South Carolina after murdering two little white girls in 1944.. 

George Stinney 

Eleven years later Emmett Till was brutally murdered in Mississippi after allegedly fondling a married white woman. A memorial to Till was included in the National Museum of African American History & Culture.
Emmett Till

However, there will be no such honors for nine-year-old Tyshawn Lee who was executed in 2016 by Chicago gangstas. 

Wonder why?

From ▼

Tyshawn Lee, age 9, is THE true "Hands Up Don't Shoot" case. His executioners blew off a thumb from his upraised hand. “Autopsy of Tyshawn Lee's body shows part of thumb lost trying to block gunshot."

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