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April 23, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Four people of color (term invented by cultural Marxism to delineate the proletariat from the white bourgeois class) were killed by a crazed naked white man recently. Another 157 people of color were killed by Muslims this past week. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) seems to overlook hate crimes committed by the world's largest, oldest, and deadliest hate group. 

So, we step in to fill the void. 

DeEbony Groves, Joe Perez, Taurean Sanderlin and Akilah Dasilva

• April 23 -- 16 people of color serving as security officers were killed by Islamic slugs in Afghanistan. [source]

Nine Afghan National Army soldiers were killed after Taliban militants stormed security checkpoints near the Badghis provincial capital of Qala-e-Naw on Sunday night. In a simultaneous incident, seven Afghan National Police personnel died when the militants attacked security checkpoints in neighboring Qadis district.

• April 22 -- 57 people of color were killed in Kabul, Afghanistan when a Muslim strolled into a voter registration center and pushed the button. Another 119 people of color were wounded. 

• April 22 -- 2 blacks were killed when Muslims entered a rival mosque. Ten others were injured. The hate crime occurred in Bama, Nigeria. Meanwhile, Dylan Roof is still on death row for killing blacks in South Carolina church. 

 • April 22 -- 2 people of color were gunned down in Quetta, Pakistan by Muslims. 

• April 21 -- Muslim bombers blew two people of color to tiny little bits in Rashad, Iraq. 

• April 21 -- A Red Cross humanitarian worker was gunned down by a sniper in Taiz, Yeman. The victim, Hanna Lahoud, was a Lebanese national. [source]

• April 21 -- Six police officers were slain at a check point in Sar-i-Pul, Afghanistan. Two others were wounded. All were people of color. [source]

• April 21 -- One person of color was killed and another person of color wounded when Muslim slugs pelted a voter registration center with a rocket in Qala-e-Naw, Afghanistan. 

• April 20 -- An IED was dropped on people of color in Paeen, Afghanistan. Five people of color were killed and other ten were injured. All were civilians, reports say. 

• April 20 -- A 16-year-old boy of color was murdered by Muslims in Sayedkhel, Afghanistan. 

• April 19 -- A woman of color was murdered by Muslims in Pul-e-Alam, Afghanistan. 

• April 19 -- The body of a kidnapped teacher of color was discovered in Khanaqin, Iraq. 

• April 19 -- Four border guards of color were killed in Asir, Saudi Arabia. 

• April 19 -- Three persons of color were killed execution style by Muslims in Daraa, Syria. 

• April 18 -- 25 people of color were killed by an Islamic hate group. Another 65 were wounded. The mayhem was delivered via suicide bombers in Daraa, Syria. 

• April 18 -- Four blacks were killed by a roadside blast, compliments of Islamic slugs, in Balcad, Somalia. 

Other people of color killed by Muslims this past week include:

2018.04.18 Somalia Balcad 4 POC killed
2018.04.18 Pakistan Quetta 1 POC killed
2018.04.18 Afghanistan Kandahar 5 POC killed
2018.04.18 Philippines Bualan 1 POC killed
2018.04.18 Libya Benghazi 1 POC killed
2018.04.18 Nigeria Angwan-Rogo 4 POC killed
2018.04.18 Afghanistan Shahi Khail 1 POC killed
2018.04.17 Syria Douma 1 POC killed
2018.04.17 Afghanistan Faroz Koh 6 POC killed
2018.04.17 Iran Mirjaveh 3 POC killed

By the time you read this there will likely have been other persons of color killed by Muslims. You can find an updated list at thereligionofpeace.com ►


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