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March 17, 2018 -- John Collins-Muhammad rear ended another motorist, police say. 

That prompted a computer inquiry. It revealed the St. Louis Alderman had six outstanding warrants. He was arrested. 

Why? Because he had six warrants?? Or because he was black? 

Apparently the politician with the hyphenated names thinks it's because he is black. 

Questions for the Alderman:

Seriously? Every day? Because you are black? 

Could it be because you were endangering the lives of others by driving irresponsibly?

What's up with "taking ownership?"

Had you taken ownership of your past problems in your adult age, those problems would have been resolved the moment you became an adult.  According to Wikipedia, you are 26-years-old and the problems still persist. When are you going to grow up?

Seriously? You're so busy serving your community that you have no time to pay traffic tickets? Do you have time to pay your utility bills? Do you pay income taxes? Do you tip white waiters? 

And what's up with the hyphenated name? Collins is a Western name. Muhammad is an Islamic name. Cultural Marxism uses hyphenation to impose identity confusion. What are you? An African? Or an American? 

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St. Louis Alderman John Collins-Muhammad (21st Ward) was arrested Monday afternoon after he was involved in an accident, police say.

According to police, Collins-Muhammad was driving northbound on North Sarah when his car struck the rear of a vehicle stopped at a stop sign.

During the investigation, police say a computer inquiry revealed the alderman had five active St. Louis city bench warrants and one fugitive warrant from Jefferson City.

Police arrested Collins-Muhammad for his outstanding warrants and issued citations for failing to display proof of insurance, following another vehicle too close and driving with a suspended license.

There were no reported injuries associated with the accident.

In a Facebook post, Collins-Muhammad responded by saying he takes ownership of not 'dealing wisely of his past problems'.

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Collins-Muhammad told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his arrest Monday stemmed from an unpaid parking ticket when he was a student; however, the state’s records told a different story.

The Missouri Department of Revenue listed multiple arrests of Collins-Muhammad for driving with a suspended license. The arrests go back to 2014 and occurred across the state.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that in September, Collins-Muhammad had three outstanding unpaid tickets.

The first was for a speeding ticket issued in Pine Lawn in April 2011 for traveling 43 mph in a 30 mph zone. The second arrest was for driving with a suspended or revoked license in Ferguson in October of 2015.

The third arrest was for driving while suspended or revoked, but it took place in St. Louis in May 2016. In the third arrest, his license had been revoked in November of 2014 after a number of moving violations and his failure to appear for court dates, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Collins-Muhammad was elected to the city’s board of aldermen in the spring of 2017, and has made it very clear he was not a police supporter.

In September of 2017, he incited protests in the city and helped pass a resolution honoring a dead drug dealer after former officer Jason Stockley was acquitted in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith.

“Until Black people in this city get justice. Until we get a seat at the table. There will be no peace in this city,” he said at the time. “Everywhere you look, black people are being shot down by police, cops get off, get a pay raise, and nothing happens... JUSTICE OR ELSE!”

In October of 2017, Collins-Muhammad lobbied hard against a proposed resolution thanking St. Louis police officers for their work during recent riots.

“This resolution is 'BS,' and a slap in the face to black progress and a salute to white supremacy!" Collins-Muhammad said.

“We have a police department that is corrupt, racially divided, and a police department that has a problem when it comes to interacting with the black community,” he said.

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