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March 20, 2018 -- Answer? Because they are racists! Or, to state it more subtly, white men are "beset by racial fears."

Stop and think (thinking impaired leftists exempt). 

How many white male gun owners do you know? How many have said explicitly or tacitly that they are beset by racial fears? Chances are: None.

What we see is this: When the far-left's war against the Second Amendment heats up, gun sales rise. It's more than a correlation. It's causation. 

Nothing drives gun sales more effectively than anti-gun politicians amplified by far-left media bias. 

Anti-white bigotry drives the far-left. Leftists can be expected, therefore, to translate the surge in gun ownership as white racism. 

How can they do that? Simple. Cite studies that agree with your view. (Anyone who has participated on a high school debate team knows there are "studies" that will support his/her perspectives.)

And so the story attempts to draw a causal effect of racism by citing "studies." One study, for example, noted that a one percent increase is symbolic racism translated into a fifty percent increase in gun ownership. 

So we followed the link provided by the article. 

Here's what we found:

After accounting for all explanatory variables, logistic regressions found that for each 1 point increase in symbolic racism there was a 50% increase in the odds of having a gun at home. 

"Symbolic racism?" What is that? 

Racism is, of course, relative. One could say owning a Confederate or St. George flag is symbolic racism. 

Living in a white majority neighborhood could be deemed symbolic racism. 

Blacks who live black-majority neighborhoods could be considered guilty of symbolic anti-white racism — except blacks cannot be racists; according to far-left cultural Marxism cult. Shall we consider the proliferation of permeation of illegal guns in Chicago and Detroit racism?

Note, also, that Scientific American profiles gun owners as white males.  

Absent from the equation are guns owned illegally by blacks in areas where gun ownership is restricted; such as Chicago and Detroit. 

The point being: At best the correlation between gun ownership is tacitly implied. 

In my opinion the Scientific American is neither scientific nor American. 

A final note: Anyone who has ever engaged in debate knows there are "studies" that draw conclusions supportive of their opinions. 

For example, you could do a study in your neighborhood. Grab a clipboard and pin, and ask your neighbors if they own a gun. If the answer is positive, then ask, "Are you a racist?"

You will discover that 100 percent of gun owners are not racist. 

If the answer is negative, then ask, "Do you think some white people are racists?" 

You will discover that 100 percent of non-gun owners believe some white people are racist. That is, of course, symbolic anti-white racism. 

Our study concludes that 100 percent of gun owners are anti-racists and 100 percent of non-gun owners are anti-white racists. 

Read the Scientific American article here ►

Here are the take aways:

1. Anyone who has participated on a high school debate team knows there are "studies" that will support his/her perspective. 

2. "Symbolic racism" is tacit and used in lieu of implicit racism. Why? Apparently there is no implicit racism. 

3. "Symbolic racism" is highly subjective. Some believe white milk symbolizes racism in that (a) it is white and (b) white people are generally not lactose intolerant. 

4. The Scientific American article is, in my opinion, anti-white symbolic racism. 

5. Most black victims of fatal gunshot wounds were killed by other blacks; not gun-owning whites. 

6. The far-left seems intent using "racism" as a pretext to stigmatize and demonize. 

7. Gun sales rise in correlation to anti-gun rhetoric. If racism is the underlying cause, then we must conclude that anti-gun rhetoric also inflames racism. 


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