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Democrats treat blacks
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March 28, 2018 -- Police released of video of black youths positions at the top of an elevator where they accosted passing white people. 

One person, a 46-year-old woman, was summarily kicked down the escalator. The attack was captured by CCTV. 

Image the media firestorm if a black woman were hurled down a stairwell by a white racist. 

Apparently there is a city-wide assault on white people that has netted 460 charges and 30 arrested teens. Those, mind you, are the few they managed to catch. 

Next time you flip on your television and immerse yourself in Hollywood's make-believe world of diversity, be careful to keep in tune with the real world. Or, best yet, don't watch television. 

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Police have hit 32 teens and two young adults with 460 charges in connection with a series of crimes committed across Edmonton.

Police say the accused were connected through private social media groups, where they planned out some of the crimes.

Assault, aggravated assault, robbery, weapons offences, credit card fraud, shoplifting, and possession of a controlled substance are just some of the charges facing the young suspects, some of whom are as young as 13.

EPS Supt. Tom Pallas said the crimes took place between January 2017 and March 2018, starting on the northeast side and then spreading elsewhere.

“I’m hoping this is a wakeup call to all of these teens that were involved in this. If you are going to show such contempt and disrespect for our community, and the law, you will be held to account for these actions,” Pallas said.

Police released videos of two of the incidents.


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