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March 31, 2018

Jared Taylor (right) -- More mush from the media. 

Jared Taylor self-identifies as a race realist. preferred to say Taylor "...has been called a white nationalist." It then quoted the school's president as saying, "who has been identified as a white nationalist."

The publication seems adverse to forthrightly referring to Taylor as a white nationalist, preferring the dog-whistle approach. 

Protests are expected. 

I asked Taylor about student protests a few years ago. His (paraphrased) response was that such protests provide valuable media attention. 

Bell said, "UA stands for the equality of all people."

We wonder if UA stands for the equality of those with whom the administration disagrees. Apparently opinion bias is acceptable at UA. 

"Hate and bigotry have no place at The University of Alabama," Bell said; an apparent tacit allegation strongly suggesting that Taylor's race realism smacks of hate and bigotry. 

Others could conclude that Bell's reaction to the event smacks of hate and bigotry. 

Perhaps those opposed to Taylor's views could counter them by arranging a future debate between he and Jesse Jackson; that's assuming, of course, Jackson waves his $75,000 speaker's fee

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  1. if hate and bigotry are not allowed on you're campus you better get rid of the black supremacist,the feminist,the antifa,and you're communist professors.!