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March 31, 2018 -- 
A caravan of 1,500 families is trekking across Mexico.

They are from Central America. 

Mexico is giving them free passage. 

Think it will end with 1,500? Think again. 

White people tend to create prosperity. That prosperity attracts people groups who cannot create their own prosperity. The outcome is cultural, social, academic, intellectual, and economic thermodynamics. It's akin to dropping an ice cube in hot coffee. 

Once non-whites arrive in the United States, they tend to vote overwhelmingly for leftist-socialist candidates whose toxic policies create 3rd-world nations.

In an effort to convince us to allow our displacement, we are chided with accusations of racism and intolerance. Oddly, we readily cave in to the bullying and agree to our own destruction. 

That destruction destroys our full potential to create wealth. It inhibits our efforts to provide continued technology that enhances the entire world. 

When Europeans settled in non-white regions, they were accused of exploiting resources. In reality they were enhancing the lives of indigenous peoples by providing a moral, legal, economic, and social infrastructure. 

When non-whites invade European regions, they are credited with enhancing our lives by providing menial labor. In reality they are exploiting our most valuable resource: Our ability to create wealth. 

The browner we become, the bluer we become.

From Breitbart ▼

 A caravan of more than 1,500 familes including men, women, and children are making their way from Central America through Mexico and are expected to arrive at the US-Mexico Border in the coming days to request refugee status.

Known as the Viacrucis Migrante 2018, the caravan began on March 25 in the state of Chiapas and is expected to reach Tijuana within a month where the members of the group are expected to request refugee status from the U.S. government. The caravan is organized by the immigrant rights group Pueblo Sin Fronteras who have been posting updates about the caravan’s journey through Mexico. 

From ▼

Make America Brown Again?

The group is planning to organize workshops between April 5 and 9 in the city of Puebla, Mexico, to help address legal issues or queries.

A refugee caravan with nearly 1,350 migrants from across the Central American region, has started Sunday a long, arduous journey from the city of Tapachula in the state of Chiapas on the Mexico-Guatemala border, to the United States to demand an end to the political corruption in their cities, and dignity and the right to asylum from Mexico and the United States. 

Under the banner, "We are all Native Americans," migrant women, men and children from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras started the "Viacrucis Migrante 2018" to make their ordeals seen and heard.  

The caravan "Migrantes en la Lucha" (Migrants in the struggle), which primarily includes people from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Guatemala, began their trip on Palm Sunday, and will be marching on foot in the state of Oaxaca where they are expected to meet with activists and other nationals who may join them on their trip.

The contingent comprises of children, newborns with their mothers, men, and women. The daunting journey takes a toll on mothers with their children who have to arrange for water, food, and shelter for the vulnerable section of the caravan.

"I do everything for my daughter, I know I will arrive with good, I am not afraid because I travel with many people. If something happens they will not let something happen to me," Blanca, a Salvadorean woman traveling with her two-year-old daughter, her brother and her mother, to flee gang violence from Mara Salvatrucha XIII and Barrio XVIII, said, according to El Sol De Hidalgo, a Mexican newspaper.

Through the mass mobilization, the group organizing the journey, 'Pueblo Sin Fronteras,' is demanding an end to gang violence, corruption between the police and governments, violence against women and the LGBTQI community, justice for the victims of domestic violence, and to the violence in the form of extortion and threats in the Central American countries the migrants hail from.

The group is planning to organize workshops between April 5 and 9 in the city of Puebla, Mexico, to help address legal issues or queries of the migrants as they embark on the journey.



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  1. When ever the disgusting word "immigration" is involved, please be advised the "women, children, and families" quickly prove to be 96% young single males in the crime prone years of life.