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March 15, 2018 -- 
According to, 

Intelligence could be measured with a swab of saliva, or drop of blood, after scientists showed for the first time that a person’s IQ can be predicted just by studying their DNA. In the largest ever study looking at the genetic basis for intelligence, researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Harvard University discovered hundreds of new genes linked to brain power.

The implications?

Marxism wants us to believe that wealth disparity is the outcome of social injustice. 

Science points us in the opposite direction: Intelligence, the single most reliable predictor of wealth creation, is largely inherited. Social and cultural influence on one's intelligence are minimal. 

More telling is that intelligence can be detected and, consequently, predicted by DNA analysis. 

A recent study involving nearly 250,000 individuals from around the globe "identified 538 genes that play a role in intellectual ability," according to "They also found 187 regions in the human genome that are linked to thinking skills."

The study was the largest of its kind. 

From we read:

• Intelligence is predictive of health states, including mortality;  a lower level of cognitive function in youth is associated with earlier death over the next several decades. 

• Intelligence is a heritable trait, with twin- and family-based estimates of heritability indicating that between 50–80% of differences in intelligence can be explained by genetic factors.

Intelligence disparities between people groups is settled science, though hotly disputed by those who tenaciously cling to the "sacred science" dogma of Marxism. 

See video below.

To acknowledge that white people are genetically predisposed to create wealth is dismissed as white supremacy. However, is it readily observable that wherever white people have settled — North America, Southern Brazil, Western Europe, Australia, South Africa, Falkland Islands, etc — they have created wealth. 

The aptitude to create wealth can be attributed to a combination of intelligence and aptitude. 

Ashkenazi (European) Jews and considered to be the most intelligent people group, followed by East Asians (with exceptions) and whites. 

The inheritable aspect of intelligence and other traits explain why black populations tend to trail other people groups in creating wealth. It also renders equity training, a mainstay throughout the government school system, moot. 

That, of course, is anathema to Marxism. 

Here's a question you must not dare ask yourself: 

What if, in the aggregate, white people actually are superior to other people groups in their aptitude to create wealth and enhance the lives of all humanity through the global distribution of life-enhancing innovations, including healthcare and food production? 

To deny that reality would be to deny all people groups access to Western innovations and, consequently, it would also be the ultimate form of racism. 

Finally . . . 

Marxism has long been aware that IQ disparities between people groups is settled science and accounts for the subsequent wealth disparities between those groups. Consequently, Marxism has apparently determined to redistribute wealth by globally redistributing the gene pool. Hence, the highly successful effort to flood white-majority nations with non-white people posing as refugees and asylum seekers. As white nations turn browner, their average intelligence decreases and the wealth created by white people is absorbed by their brown neighbors. Global Marxism longs for the day when no white majority spaces will exist anywhere on the planet. 

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