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March 25, 2018 -- Kidnapping children has long been a tradition of American Indians; a sordid and toxic cultural phenomenon that most thought evaporated with the advent of Western civilization. 

Olive Oatman, for example, was kidnapped by Indians in 1851 as her parents and four siblings were massacred. Olive's 7-year-old sister was also kidnapped. Olive's 15-year-old brother, Lorenzo, was left for dead but survived the attack. His youngest sister was starved to death after being sold to another tribe. Olive's face was branded by her captors (see image) and she was traded like property. 

A couple in Florida claims tribal police snatched their baby, awarding custody to the child's granny.

From Miami Herald ▼

The Miccosukee nation insists it acted lawfully when its tribal court issued a child-custody order, then immediately dispatched two tribe detectives to seize newborn Ingrid Johnson from her Indian mother at Baptist Hospital in Kendall.

But Indian law experts interviewed by the Miami Herald, plus two former Miccosukee police chiefs, say they believe the tribe overstepped its authority. And while the tribe is immune from state civil lawsuits, the parents could now file claims against the hospital and even Miami-Dade County police for their roles in the fiasco.

One day after a Miccosukee tribal court backtracked and returned the newborn to mother Rebecca Sanders, her lawyer said he is exploring legal action in a case that spotlights both the small tribe in the Everglades and Baptist Hospital, for allowing the baby to be whisked away based on a tribal-court order.


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