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March 31, 2018 --

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines supremacist as "an advocate or adherent of group supremacy."

► Here's how supremacy works 

Randomly choose the first ten people you meet on a busy sidewalk. Then, by 'drawing straws,' randomly divide this group into two groups of five; group A and group B. 

Take groups A and B to a basketball court, give them a ball, and have the two groups play a game. 

If group A wins it may be superior over group B. Have the two groups play multiple games. If group A wins most of the games, it is obviously superior to group B. 

If you acknowledge that reality, your are a group A supremacist. 

Now, give each of the ten individuals IQ tests. Average the IQ scores of group A and compare it to the average IQ of group B. If group A has a higher average IQ than group B, you become a group A supremacist; presuming you believe the outcome of the IQ scores. 

Take any number of groups of any number of people and compare those groups to each other. The criteria for comparison is almost unlimited. You can compare their physical strength, agility, emotional stability, intelligence, risk of heart disease, mortality rate, attractiveness, etc. One group will necessarily be superior to all other groups and another will be inferior to all other groups with the remaining groups placing on a gradation between the most superior and the most inferior. 

Granted, one group may excel in physical strength while another may be superior in intelligence. However, by grading each category on a scale of one to 100, then averaging the scores without bias, one group will emerge with overall supremacy. 

► Innumerable types of supremacists

There are innumerable types of supremacists. 

If you believe your ideology is superior to any other ideologies, then you are an ideological supremacist. 

If you believe the Democratic Party is superior to any other political parties, then you are a Democratic Party supremacist. 

If you believe evolutionary theory is superior to creationism, then you are an evolution supremacist. 

If you believe Fords tend to be superior to Hondas, then you are a Ford supremacist. 

If you believe your religion is more true than other religions, then you are a religious supremacist. 

I, for example, am an Indianapolis Colts supremacist; not because I believe the Colts are the most capable team in the NFL, but because I believe the Colts are more capable than any team in the Pee-Wee Football League. 

Again, everyone is a supremacist. It is impossible not to be a supremacist. 

Oddly, only one kind of supremacy is singled out as supremely immoral: White supremacy. Why is that?

Ironically, those who believe white supremacy is immoral are, themselves, supremacists. How so? They believe their ideology is superior to white supremacy. 

Again, everyone is a supremacist. It is impossible not to be a supremacist. Refusing to acknowledge supremacy is absurd, silly, dishonest and smacks of delusion and denial. 

► Racial supremacy is inevitable

Is it reasonable to believe that two different racial groups will have identical average IQs, the same physical skills, no variation in longevity, the exact same instances of hypertension, the same propensity for impulse control, ad infinitum?

The fact is that no two people groups, regardless of criteria for group membership, are identical in the aggregate. That includes racial groups. 

Consequently, one racial group must necessarily be superior to all others and one racial group must be inferior to all others. 

Group supremacy is not impossible. Rather, it is inevitable.

► Denying reality 

The reality of the inevitability of group supremacy is unavoidable. 

Nonetheless, social engineers attempt to avoid the actual.

• Social constructs

Social engineers attempt to avoid the reality of racial differences by contending that races don't exist; that they are "social constructs."

Society does not construct genetics. Our DNA is biologically determined; not socially determined. Genetics determines the markers that establish one's racial heritage. 

Race is not a social construct. 

• A matter of identity choice

Social engineers attempt to avoid the reality of racial differences by pretending we can choose our race. Children are sometimes taught this in government schools. 

You cannot choose your parents. You cannot choose your DNA. You cannot choose your natural skin color. You cannot choose your genetic predisposition for physical disorders. You cannot change your natural hair texture.

If a black child chooses to be a white person, the child's propensity for hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments that are more prevalent among blacks does not change. 

Statistically, one in thirteen black Americans is born with cycle cell trait. If all black Americans were to identify as white, that static would not change. 

Health care providers cannot honestly deny the reality of race without committing malpractice. 

Race is not an identity choice. 

• Labeling

Cultural Marxism prefers to deny the existence of race and finds race labeling to be anathema. For this reason news reports will often profile crime suspects by age and gender, but not by race. We are expected to pretend that race is non-existent. 

Cultural Marxism also prefers to affirm the existence of racism and liberally applies the 'racist' pejorative to those with whom it disagrees. 

Racism is real. Races are not real. That is not logically possible. 

There is only one race, the human race, we are told. That is a misnomer. Humans are not a race. We are a species.

Bullying society into race denial does not erase the reality of race. 

• Miscegenation

Social engineers attempt to erase race through miscegenation; or "race mixing."

Those of us with mixed ancestry are not non-racial. Rather, our DNA markers affirm the existence of race. 

► Marxism requires race denial

The foundation of Marxism is the discredited notion that wealth disparity is the outcome of social injustice. 

In free market economies, intelligence is the primary predictor of wealth acquisition and retention. 

Ashkenazi Jewish households tend to have higher average incomes than other people groups in the United States. Ashkenazi Jews also have the highest average IQs. 

East Asian households tend to have higher average incomes that white households. East Asians tend to have higher average IQs than whites. 

Hispanics households tend to have higher average incomes that black households. Hispanics have higher IQs than blacks, on an average. 

To acknowledge that the average household income of Ashkenazi Jews and East Asians is relative to intelligence will not result in accusations of Jewish supremacy or East Asian supremacy. However, admitting that the wealth of white Americans is attributed to intelligence and aptitude will result in being labeled a 'white supremacist.'

The term 'white privilege' is a placement term for 'white supremacy' and suggests that the wealth of white people is attributed to social injustice. Never will you hear the term 'Ashkenazi Jew privilege' or 'East Asian privilege' even though those people groups earn more, on average, than whites. 

► Propensity to create wealth

Wherever white people have permanently settled, they have created wealth. It is not due to social privilege and social injustice. They did not massacre indigenous peoples and exploit their natural resources. Their creation of wealth can only be correlated to a propensity to create wealth. This is evident in North America, the southern three states of Brazil, the Falkland Islands, Australia, South Africa and, of course, Europe. 

If you acknowledge that reality you can expect to saddled with the 'white supremacist' pejorative. The intent is to bully us into race-reality denial. 

The evidence remains. 

Again, racial groups are different and, when those differences are compared, one group will be recognized as superior or "supreme" relative to the other racial groups.

Refusing to acknowledge that fact is to prefer denial over reality. It is to be a race-reality denier. It is to be a race-reality denier "supremacist."

► Who decides?

Who convinced us that it is immoral to acknowledge that blacks tend to be superior athletes in many sports while they are inferior in others? Who convinced us that we must deny blacks dominate professional basketball because they possess a genetic predisposition to excel at that sport? Why do we wince when forensic specialists profile the bones of a murder victim by race? Why are we accommodating when the media profiles crime suspects by gender and age but not by race? Why can we not admit that whites win a disproportionate share of Nobel Prizes for physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, and economic sciences? [source]

Who convinced us that various racial and ethnic groups have identical average IQs? Why do we insist on attributing intelligence disparities between racial groups exclusively to environmental and cultural impact? Why do we insist on discounting the reality that racial groups necessarily differ in aptitudes, including intelligence? 

Who conceived of the concept of racial supremacy? Who decided that acknowledging racial variations is anathema?  Why is white supremacy considered the ultimate evil? Why do they vilify white people as innately and pathologically racist? Who concocted the absurdity of white privilege as a means of lending credence to abject denial?

Why must we reject the fact that white innovation has enhanced the lives of all humanity through technological advancements; particularly in health care, food production, and the control of epidemics?

Who made these decisions and why?

► We deny biological variations

As a child in the 1950s, I attended Sunday School. There I learned to sing, "Red and yellow, black and white, they're all precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world."

Racial groups are identified by numerous variables. The most obvious is skin tone. 

Skin is a biological organ. It's color is predetermined by our DNA. Skin is not the only biological body part that is impacted by DNA. Facial features, eye color, hair texture, and bone structure are among the most obvious markers of racial identity. 

The brain is also a biological organ. It is absurd to believe our brains would be the only physiological component of humans to be unaffected by race markers. 

Some believe blacks more frequently demonstrate low impulse control than other people groups. That presumption is made evident in high crime rates. The disparity in intelligence between racial groups is realistically undeniable. 

Honest researchers, unaffected by confirmation bias of cultural Marxism, have provided ample evidence that sub-Saharan (black) Africans possess an average IQ around 70; the threshold for mental retardation. American blacks have a higher average IQ of around 85. American blacks have also been impacted by white ancestry. 
► Equal value

Some acknowledge that the human race is not comprised of 7.6-billion identical twins. They acknowledge that racial characteristics are self evident. 

They also cling to the notion that, in spite of our differences, humans should be valued equally. 

 We are not valued equally. 

• Governments tend to acknowledge the superior value of heads of state and, as such, afford them security details for their protection. 

• Westerners value the lives of women and children higher than the lives of men on a sinking ship

• Some value the life of a one-second-old baby significantly higher than the life of an nine-month-old fetus. One second before birth, the life is disposable. One second after birth, it is not disposable. 

• Instructors who teach equity classes in government schools seldom share their paychecks with their students. The teachers are superior and possess teacher privilege not afforded to their classes; hence "class struggle." They are "equity teacher supremacists."

• Most value the well-being of kinsfolk higher than the well-being of strangers — or even neighbors. Members of the Jones family will naturally care for each other more than they will care for members of the Smith family. They are bigots and prejudicial in their preferential treatment. They are Jones supremacists. 

Likewise, members of the Smith family will be prejudicial in their treatment of each other; evidence of Smith supremacy.

It is also true that were the Joneses and Smiths to square off on a basketball court, one family would be proven to be superior. 

• Change the family names from 'Jones and Smith' to 'Johnson and Williams' and the rule of innate supremacy persists. Change the surnames from 'Johnson and Williams' to 'Black and White' and rule still persists. 

Extend the Black and White families to encompass distant relatives, and the disparities will persists. One of the two groups will have an aggregate higher intelligence level and one of the groups will be measurably more athletically gifted.

Why should be believe any different? Why do we deny reality that people groups — from randomly chosen strangers to families to races — are measurably different? And those differences extend beyond skin color to encompass all physiological components, including the brain?

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  1. pistol pete maravich the greatest scorer of all time his records are still not broken. why do the announcers never talk about him? he was white.

  2. pretty well written with no mention of (((who))) pushes this and basically forces the falsity of whites being supremacists because they are more intelligent and accomplished onto our reality in our white Christian lands....could never be the "chosen ones", who are above criticism and the law worldwide.

    1. ken lets me say we got joo'ed all the time, do you want to ruin one of the best sites on the internet.everybody that connects dots gets it.


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