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March 13, 2018 -- White family men are an endangered species. Some are actually be shot dead. 

Andrew Day, 29, a Hampton Inn employee, is an example. He was killed during an apparent robbery, police said. [source]

Michael McLendon, 24, is facing murder charges. 

McLendon is black. Day was white. 

Note the contrast: A white man is working to support his family. A black male is robbing the white man to acquire cash. 

When the suspect is white and the victim black — a rarity — we cite racism. 

When the suspect is black and the victim white — the norm — we don't cite racism. Rather, we satiate ourselves by noting that all people of all colors do bad things. 

The crimes occurred in Fairborn, Ohio. 

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A 911 caller told dispatchers about 7:20 p.m. Wednesday they had found the clerk shot behind the counter. He also said that others in the lobby were applying pressure to the victim’s wound as emergency crews responded to the scene. The caller also told police he believed the suspects may have fled as he was pulling into the hotel parking lot. 

Day was a 2007 graduate of Tecumseh High School and married his wife in 2013, according to Greene County Probate Court records. He also was a part-time photographer who worked with families “to capture special moments,” according to his social media.

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  1. probably a nice young white guy trying at a dead end job and his fate being offed by a worthless dopehead negro lookin for quick cash. bless his soul.