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March 13, 2018

Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan.
Can you tell which is the woman? -- 

Gender is fluid and race is a social construct. 

Those are two foundational dogmas being perpetrated by cultural Marxism. 

Incredibly — like the flat-earth theory — there are many who tenaciously cling to such nonsense. Unlike the flat-earth theory, the obscuring of gender and race permeates academia. This was seen last week when a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania was booted from a class for asserting there are two distinct genders: male and female. 

So much for inclusion and tolerance. 

Science agrees with the student and disagrees with the college instructor. 

Examples? We have them. 

• Is race a social construct?

Forensic osteology has determined with 99 percent certainty that bones found on Nikumaroro Island are those of a white woman. 

The remains are likely those of famed aviator Amelia Earhart who disappeared over the Pacific Ocean while attempting to circumvent the globe. 

From Fox News we read:

[Prof. Richard] Jantz told Fox News that that 2,776 individuals used in the reference group were all Americans of European ancestry. They lived during the last half of the 19th century and most of the 20th century, he added.

If race can be determined by long-lost bones, it certainly must be natural; not social. 

That presents a problem to the cultural Marxism cult whose sacred science pretends both race and gender are social constructs; not biological.

Oddly, while cultural Marxism pretends race is a non-existent social construct, it adheres to the notion that racism persists as a derisive sociological phenomenon. It's a quintessential example of cognitive dissonance: Without race there can be no racism. Or, stated conversely, the existence of racism proves the existence of race. 

That hasn't prevented social engineers from plodding forward in their never-ending effort to obscure reality. Even National Geographic recently entered the fray with an issue dedicated to an assault on racial reality. 

• What about gender?

A recently discovered 13,000-year-old partial skull was determined to be that of a woman.

Part of a prehistoric human skull and a bison bone decorated with a zigzag pattern — dubbed the world's "oldest Dutchwoman" and "oldest Dutch artwork" — have been revealed by scientists in the Netherlands, in research that highlights a sunken treasure trove of human archaeology beneath the North Sea.
Not only was gender determined from a skeletal fragment, but anthropologists concluded the woman's ethnic identity as Dutch.  

Are archaeologists taking a stab at political correctness by replacing "Dutchman" with "Dutchwoman"?


From we read, "The skull's shape suggests it probably came from a woman, although the researchers were unable to confirm the sex from the bone fragment."

Likewise, the 14,000-year-old fossilized remains of Vero Man discovered in 1913 near Vero Beach, Florida are considered to be those of a woman. 

Again, believing gender is "fluid" and race is a "social construct" is akin to believing the world is flat. 

• So why the identity confusion?

According to famed psychologist Robert J. Lifton, identity confusion is a key component of thought reformed. Lifton came to that conclusion after studying brainwashing techniques used by communist in China in the 1950s. 

In his book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism: A Study of Brainwashing in China, Lifton noted that individuals with a strong sense of religious identity were more difficult to brainwash than others. 

That is, if you take away one's compass, you can convince him that any direction is north. By erasing our sense of identity, social engineers are creating malleable minds that can be reformed to believe Marxist globalism is 'true north'.  

Lifton also noted that one of eight components of thought reform is "sacred science." Lifton's application was thought reform as used by dangerous religious cults, but the principle applies to cultural Marxism as well. 

"Another principle is that of the sacred science," he said. "These groups are not content to claim absolute spiritual truth but must combine it with what they take to be absolute scientific truth."

For this reason cultural Marxism should be viewed as a pervading and dangerous cult that has permeated our educational system. 

And so it goes. By obscuring our racial, sexual, cultural, and national identities, social engineers can remold our minds to accept a globalist-Marxist mindset. 

And one parting thought: 

Earhart was a noted feminist. Now, try to imagine Earhart parading in a grotesque pink female genitalia costume. Then realize that those who do such parading are not feminists at all, but cultural Marxists who have hijacked the legacy of Earhart, suffragettes, and countless thousands of other genuine feminists.

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