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March 17, 2018 -- Nothing is more exhilarating than watching the heads of raging leftists explode. I'm writing metaphorically, of course. 

Case in point: When Australia's Peter Dutton announced plans to fast-track visas for white South African farmers, heads at Britain's The Guardian began exploding like popcorn in hell's kitchen. 

Writing on Nick Griffin observed, 

Click here to read the rage as The Guardian reluctantly admits that sanity is going mainstream. 

• Far right 

Dutton's offer originated with the far right, the article announced. 

That term — "far right" — should be classified as "hate speech" if one's uses the criteria of the toxic left. (Actually, saying, "I hate you" is hate speech. Most other alleged hate speech is little more than leftist-repelling logic.) 

• Myth of white genocide 

The writer continues to refer to white genocide as a "myth". More accurately, the myth is saying white genocide is a myth. For evidence, simply google the search term "South Africa farm murders," then click on images. Or, to save time, SIMPLY CLICK HERE published an article recently that places white genocide in correct perspective. 

From we read ▼

SOUTH Africans have spoken out about the brutal violence rocking the country with fears growing the country is descending into a state of chaos.

The troubled African nation is once again in the spotlight following Australia’s Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton’s offer to fast-track humanitarian visas for South Africa’s persecuted white farmers.

The move sparked a furious response from the South African government which has demanded Mr Dutton retract the comments.

However, for South Africans who have lived through the violence or know people who have, Mr Dutton’s comments aren’t completely incorrect.

One woman living in South Africa, who didn’t want to be named out of fear of reprisals, told she and her family were living in a constant state of fear.

The retiree said crime wasn’t limited just to white people or farming communities but accused the government of not doing enough to protect all South Africans.

“We are living in fear and are reluctant to go out at night and even during the day,” she told

“So basically you are housebound most of the time. This is a terrible way to live.”

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  1. just reverse the madness even though this is partly true, slaves in the south we're not slaves its a myth. they we're given a better oppurtunity.