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February 11, 2018

screen capture from video -- 153 years after the end of slavery in America, the genetic-driven behaviors prevalent among blacks in America continue to manifest themselves unabated 

No, not all criminals are black and not all blacks are criminals. But violent mob behavior has distinctions that are peculiar within the black paradigm. That behavior points to a dysfunctional prefrontal cortex and a frayed connection to the brain stem or, by analogy, their brains' breaking systems don't seem to be fully functional. Impulse control simply does not work properly. 

Chucking tens of thousands of blacks into prison will not remedy biological causes. It will, however, protect society from individuals with less-than-fully-developed brains. Other options are racial segregation and eugenics. That latter would discourage breeding of blacks (and others) with low intelligence and dysfunctional impulse control. 

The solution offered by the cultural Marxist left begins with the false assumption that dysfunctional impulse control among blacks is the effect of social causes, such as racial discrimination and trans-generational trauma caused by slavery. The Marxist remedy is to treat the malady as if it were caused by social environment. Consequently, we are subjected to sensitivity training and brain-bombed with the core Marxist dogma of equity. Once whites get over their white privilege and racism, blacks will respond accordingly, the theory goes. That solution, of course, is doomed to failure as whites are generally anti-racist and their "privilege" is a genetically predisposition to innovation, individualism, and production. Sensitivity training and equity classes may have minuscule deadening effects on white aptitudes to create wealth, but their core genetic code will not be diminished. Even if white "racism" were fully erased by near absolute racial segregation (as was the case prior to the Age of Discovery), black behavior patterns relative to dysfunction impulse control with continue.  

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Two people were hospitalized after they were stabbed during a group fight at a New Jersey mall Saturday night, police say.

Witnesses described a large crowd of people fighting at a JCPenney before running through Newport Centre Mall in Jersey City.

Both of the victims were stabbed at the department store and rushed to Jersey City Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police. Officials said the victims are young adults. 

Clothes were seen strewn about on the first floor of the JCPenney and specks of blood were near evidence markers on the ground.

Witnesses said police were circling the mall looking for a possible attacker.


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  1. if their we're no blacks every town would need 2 cops like mayberry big citys a few more. a murder would be nation wide news like the 50sn60s. no dear black people it is YOU that causes the damage and grief worldwide.