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February 10, 2018 -- Black lives that don't matter include young women as young as 13-years-old who are kidnapped, made up to look attractive, strapped with explosives, and sent into markets where they — and other people of color — are blown to bits. 

Meanwhile, in the USA, the media saturates our minds with the myth that neo-Nazis and evil Klansters are permeating our milieu with sinister and intolerable micro-aggressions. 

Seems to me to real racists are the far-leftists who intentionally distract us from genuine black destruction with the "white privilege" red herring. 

From BBC ▼

Falmata is one of hundreds of young women, most of them teenagers, who have been abducted by militants in Nigeria and forced to carry out missions for them.

Remarkably, she survived.

She was just 13 when she was snatched by two men on a motorbike while she was walking to a relative’s house near the border with Cameroon.

They rode for hours - Falmata pinned between the two men - leaving the road and travelling deep into a forest.

Eventually they reached their destination - a huge, makeshift camp. Falmata had no idea where she was.

“There were many tents and thatched houses,” she says, almost whispering.

“The young girls were put in the tents. There were nine in mine and we had to sleep on big mats.”

The camp belonged to Boko Haram, the militant group that has been fighting a long insurgency aimed at creating an Islamic state in northern Nigeria.

“At first I wanted to escape but there was no chance,” she says. Men were stationed all around the camp to catch anyone who tried to leave.

It wasn’t long before Falmata was forced to make a choice - marry a fighter, or go on a “mission”.

She refused to get married. “I told them that I was still too young,” she says.

But she had no idea what the “mission was

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