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February 20, 2018 -- St. Louis is more dangerous than Baltimore. 

Baltimore, however, takes the prize as the nation's most dangerous city because St. Louis is not listed among the nation's fifty largest cities. 

Some say the danger can be attributed of failed Democratic administrations. There are, however, many municipalities governed by Democrats that are relatively safe. 

The sole common denominator among the most violent cities: Large black populations. 

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A new report names Baltimore, Md., as the most dangerous city in America after the city had the highest per capita murder rate in the country for 2017.

USA Today analyzed 2017 law enforcement crime data from the 50 biggest cities in the nation and found that Baltimore had a higher per capita murder rate than cities like New Orleans and Detroit.

Baltimore came in first with about 56 people murdered per 100,000 in 2017, seeing about 343 homicides throughout the course of the year. New Orleans, on the other hand, saw 40 per 100,000 killed and Detroit saw 39 per 100,000.

The city also saw more total homicides than big cities like Los Angeles, Dallas and New York City. The USA Today analysis left out St. Louis, a smaller city, that would have beaten Baltimore’s per capita homicide rate.

Baltimore struggled to fight the gun violence plaguing the city in 2017, with activists hosting “ceasefire weekends” in an attempt to urge people to stop murdering each other.

Things seems to have taken a turn for the better in the city since the new year started. The mayor fired the former police commissioner and enacted a new one to get better results on stopping the violence and killings that have gone down since the year began.

Not all residents agree with the USA Today analysis of their city, saying they haven’t felt any danger while living in the city.


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  1. wherever the negro roams free is dangerous.

  2. They haven't felt any danger???

    Well I'd guess they haven't taken many evening walks through their respective downtowns.