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February 18, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- The Klan never abused black children like this. White cops never abused black children like this. 

Nonetheless, the media is obsessed with demonizing whites and police officers while giving the real culprits a pass. 

And note that fake feminists are obsessed with a non-existent "rape culture" to vilify white men while totally ignoring the real sexual abuse of little black girls. 

We are left with the conclusion that cultural Marxism cares neither about blacks or women unless they can be exploited to further the Marxist agenda. 

From kissydenise.com ▼

Woman told police she found video on a cellphone of a 17-year-old raping her 9-month-old baby 

Memphis, Tennessee – A mother was horrified after she found video on a cellphone of her 9-month old baby daughter being raped by a 17-year-old male.

The woman told police in October that her 9-month-old was molested after she found videos on a cell phone and identified the victim has her daughter.
 The child’s mother reportedly found several sexually explicit videos of the incident on a cellphone. In one the suspect could reportedly be seen exposing and touching himself with the child, who was nude from the waist down, still in view.

The woman identified the man through the Facebook name “Zay.”

Investigators later determined “Zay” to be Isiah Hayes, the man in the videos.

Isiah Hayes, now, 19, recorded himself raping the 9-month old baby, when he was 17-years-old.
 Hayes was arrested on Feb. 13 and admitted to raping the baby.

He is charged with aggravated rape of a child and especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor.


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