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February 27, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Racial inequality is a mainstay of American society, according to a recent study. 

 The average household income of whites is consistently higher than that of blacks. Not mentioned are the facts that the average household income of East Asians in America is higher than that of whites while Ashkenazi Jews out earn all other ethnic groups. 

 Sorry. No study needed. 

The fact is: Inequality exists in society because humans are not identical. 

Every living organism — including humans — is equipped with DNA that provides the blue print for their various abilities and aptitudes.

Aside from identical twins, no two of us are the same. Consequently, some will have an aptitude for playing basketball; others for swimming and ice hockey. Some of us have limited athletic abilities and, consequently, are not equal to professional athletes commanding multi-million dollar contracts. 

The same is true in our ability to create wealth. 

White people tend to create wealth wherever they go. Other people groups are not so gifted. 

Consequently, white people will tend to be wealthier than other people groups. East Asians, on the other hand, earn more per household per year than whites in America. Again, the cause is not societal but genetic. East Asians are, on an average, slightly more intelligent that whites. The aptitude disparity is made manifest in income disparity. 

The solution to the income disparity between blacks and whites is simple: Blacks with high IQs need to make more babies (intelligence is inheritable) and blacks with low IQs need to make fewer babies. The solution to the income disparity between whites and East Asians is effectively the same: If whites with high IQs produce more offspring than their less intelligent kinsmen, the average IQ of the white race will increase. 

There is also a wealth disparity between blacks with high IQs and blacks with low IQs. There is a wealth disparity between whites with high IQs and those with low IQs. There is a wealth disparity between highly intelligent East Asians and those with lower intellects. 

From AP via The Washington Post ▼

Barriers to equality pose threats to democracy in the U.S. as the country remains segregated along racial lines and child poverty worsens, according to study made public Tuesday that examines the nation 50 years after the release of the landmark 1968 Kerner Report.

The new report blames U.S. policymakers and elected officials, saying they’re not doing enough to heed the warning on deepening poverty and inequality that was highlighted by the Kerner Commission five decades ago and it lists areas where the country has seen “a lack of or reversal of progress.”

“Racial and ethnic inequality is growing worse. We’re resegregating our housing and schools again,” former Democratic U.S. Sen. Fred Harris of Oklahoma, a co-editor of the new report and the last surviving member of the original Kerner Commission created by President Lyndon Johnson in 1967. “There are far more people who are poor now than was true 50 years ago. Inequality of income is worse.”

The new study titled “Healing Our Divided Society: Investing in America Fifty Years After the Kerner Report” says the percentage of people living in deep poverty — less than half of the federal poverty level — has increased since 1975. About 46 percent of people living in poverty in 2016 were classified as living in deep poverty — 16 percentage points higher than in 1975.

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