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February 23, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Here's the core problem few care to address:

South Africa's racial wealth disparity is the expression of an intelligence disparity. 

Intelligence disparity is the cause. Wealth disparity is the effect. 

White people tend to possess an average IQ of 100. Black Africans tend to possess an average IQ of about 70. The threshold for mental retardation is 70. Therefore the average black African is retarded. 

It should be no surprise that mentally retarded people cannot effectively develop successful business ventures, such as farming. They are not effective at creating wealth. 

The fatal flaw of Marxism is it's stubborn unwillingness to acknowledge the disparity in human aptitude accounts for the wealth disparity that exists between people ground. 

Disparate impact is not caused by society. Disparate impact is caused by genetic composition. Aptitude, including intelligence, is determined by the individual's genetic predisposition. 

That is why East Asian households in the United States tend to be wealthier than white households. When given the same opportunities int he same economic environment, East Asians will excel due to their slightly higher collective intellects relative to white intellects. Africans in America, as a whole, will under perform other people groups including East Asians, whites, and Hispanics because blacks have lower average IQs. 

The same is true universally, including South Africa. The only place on earth where black societies have created wealth is on Hollywood sound stages. 

Marxism, however, insists on attributing wealth distribution to societal causes. Marxism attempts to remedy wealth disparities by ignoring the actual cause and treating an imaged cause that fits its flawed dogma. 

The efforts of South Africa's president to redistribute wealth will be devastating. He learned nothing, apparently, by observing South Africa. 

The only way to successfully redistribute wealth to force all people groups to be equal with the lowest intelligence group: Those with average IQs of 70. 


From rt.com ▼

South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country.

The government plans to accelerate land redistribution through expropriation without compensation.

“The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate the redistribution of land to black South Africans,” said Ramaphosa, who was sworn into office to succeed Jacob Zuma as president last week.

The millionaire ex-businessman Ramaphosa promised that land expropriation operations will not be a “smash and grab” exercise and promised to handle the matter properly, adding that people “must see this process as an opportunity.”

“No-one is saying that land must be taken away from our people,” he said, “Rather, it is how we can make sure that our people have equitable access to land and security of tenure. We must see this process of accelerated land redistribution as an opportunity and not as a threat,” he added during a speech to parliament on Tuesday.

Such a drastic move would not damage the country’s agriculture or economy, the South African president promised.  

“We will handle it with responsibility. We will handle it in a way that will not damage our economy, that is not going to damage agricultural production,” he said.

More than two decades after the end of apartheid in the 1990s, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party is under pressure to tackle racial disparities in land ownership in South Africa. The country is home to over 50 million people, with whites owning most of the land.

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  1. "South Africa’s new president, Cyril Ramaphosa, has pledged to return the lands owned by white farmers since the 1600s to the black citizens of the country."
    It can be historically proven that there were NO Africans in Southern Africa at that time. Jan van Riebeeck was in the cape when the Zulu's only some 100 years later moved South into what is known as Zulu-land aka Natal in the illegal British colony of South Africa.
    The history book "Geskiedenis van Suid Afrika" (History of South Africa mention that the Boers (who are not Afrikaners) were farming the banks of the Fish River for more than 10 years before the first Xhosa tribes moved South and started attacking the Boers.
    The Trumverite Proclamation which was an investigation made in the 1870's which was published in the Transvaal Gazette, to determine why so many African tribes were in the Boer Republic of Transvaal mentions that the Boers were the ORIGIMAN and first occupants of the land.
    There are so many Indians in "South Africa" because the British imported Indian slaves from their Indian colony in the 1880's because there were no Africans to work the sugar cane fields, and the Zulu's refused as a result of the Anglo-Zulu War (1879)
    In 1904 the Afrikaner dictator who was appointed by force over the Boers after the British War (1899-1902) imported some 100 000 Chinese to work in the gold mines because there were no Africans to work in the mines.
    The British and their Afrikaner lap-dogs, who hate the Boers, would NEVER have acknowledged the Boer Republics if there were any Africans who had claim to the Boer Republics.
    So any claim for land by Africans can be proven false. It is all about the Boer's country's resources. If there were none, then there would to date not be any interest in the Boer Republics.


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