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February 5, 2018 -- You never were a slaver. That doesn't matter to the globalist left, notes Mike Borowski. The fact that all white people have the DNA of slavers makes them worthy of atrocities. 

We all know, of course, that white people actually enhance the lives of all humanity through their genetic capacity for innovation. 

To obscure that reality, the media ignores the fact that Islam is the true rape-culture-slash-slave-culture and super imposes their nastiness on white people. 

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Maxence Crapoulet, a young Norrent-Fontois, was assaulted on the rest area of ​​the A26, the great Bucaille during a stop in the toilet.

Maxence Crapoulet, 22, and her husband Kévin Deltombe, 25, had the fear of their lives. It is from his hospital bed, to the emergencies of Divion, that he tells us his misadventure.

This Thursday evening, April 7, it is about 23:30 when the couple stops on the rest area of ​​the A26, while returning from Avesnes-le-Comte, to take a break to urinate.

Many trucks are parked. A few meters from their car, a van and his driver phoning outside his vehicle. The two young Norrent-Fontois go out to smoke then go to the toilet. This is where Maxence begins to hear funny noises. "Many people who did not speak French. "

On leaving, he realizes that the man in the van is being hit by about fifteen people. "I shouted to Kevin to stay in the toilet. But one of the men looked at me, started screaming. He had a piece of wood in his hand. " Maxence then starts running to take refuge in his car, starts the driver's seat. He thinks himself safe by closing the doors.

Pointed woods, stones, glass ...

But that's not counting the group coming towards him. "They tried to open and started banging on the car. Then the windows exploded one by one. They have all arrived. They were fifteen. Only men who did not speak French. They were migrants. They were armed with large pieces of sharp wood, broken glass beer cans and stones. I got a stony shot on my cheek. " He tries to catch his bomb tear in his bag for gassing. But when he turns around, he receives gas himself from someone in the group who also had a tear gas bomb. He tries to get out, leaving all his belongings in the car."There, I take a big blow on the head and in the back. I did not see anything, nothing heard. I was stunned, leaning on a wall to move forward. I tried to run away. I knocked on the door of a truck. The driver opened me. I went up. But when I explained what was happening to me, he pushed me away and slammed the door. "


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