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February 14, 2018 -- It appears that the victim was drugged with a small amount of heroine, bopped on the head, then dissected with the intent of reselling her body parts through the Nigerian mafia's network.

It's not the first time an Italian woman was murdered by a black thug. The father of the sensationalized Emmett Till, Louis Till, was hanged during World War II after a court marital found the soldier guilty of raping and murdering a white Italian woman. 

The Italian web site notes that the murder of Pamela Mastropietro on January 30, 2018 was committed by someone who knew how to dissect a body and that her body parts were likely set to be sold on the black market by the Nigerian mafia. 

Another web site,, reports, 

The autopsy found that blood and urine were missing from the remains, which had been sliced up in an "apparently scientific" way.
The same web site reports that two other Nigerians have been arrested in relation to the murder. 

Here's Google's translation ▼ 

Macerata, February 13 - To kill Pamela Mastropietro were two stab wounds to the liver and a blow on the head . The histological examination confirmed what was already hypothesized during the second autopsy, namely that the girl was still alive when she was hit. A group of people killed it. Three are in the cell, a fourth man of 39 is listed in the list of suspects because he had telephone contacts with the three dealers, even if his cell phone would not have hooked the same cell phone that of the three Nigerians in the hours when murder is consummated.

An indiscretion, reported by the Resto del Carlino, states that the Ris would have found scraps of body on the terrace. Which suggests that Pamela was torn apart outdoors, from those who were sure not to be seen, since there are no windows around. Pamela's blood would have been poured into the manhole of the terrace . On how it was possible to perform such a slaughter, with such a surgical precision is a mystery. The most reliable hypothesis is that to perform the dismemberment of the body was someone very experienced.

The track of the Nigerian mafia makes its way onto the background of the horrible crime . It is true that in Nigeria, cases of kidnappings or murders to dismember and sell organs or parts of the body are on the agenda . The lawyer of one of the Nigerians stopped advances the hypothesis of ritual murder: " Perhaps we are facing a sort of ritual , behind there is someone whose name has not yet emerged, a person dangerous to suspects, maybe they are afraid even retaliation against relatives in Nigeria and why they do not speak ".

But there is more, it is a disturbing hypothesis that is advanced by the surgeon, psychiatrist and criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi. As Professor Meluzzi explained to Italy Today, the murder of Pamela recalls " methods that the Nigerian mafia systematically applies in Nigeria and elsewhere ". In particular, Meluzzi emphasizes the fact that the heart is not found, in addition to the genital organs. And for the Nigerian mafia ritual cannibalism is a common practice, an "ancestral rite that dates back to the times". Pamela, as well as being murdered and vilified, may have been the object of cannibalism.


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