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February 16, 2018

DAILYKENN.com -- Another benefactor of Africa has been murdered. 

20-year-old Abigail Meyer was fatally shot in South Africa during a carjacking. 

Reports say a car occupied by Meyer and a friend was fired on by four males (likely Negroes). Meyer was left dying as the thieves drove off in the stolen vehicle. 

South Africa was settled by the Dutch after 1652. At the time the region was void of sub-Saharan Negroes. 

However, as Europeans introduced Western innovation and wealth to the area, black Africans from the north flooded the area; overwhelming the white and indigenous Khoisan peoples. 

The surviving 3-million (est) white population continues to provide wealth to the nation, making South Africa the most advanced culture on the contintent where sub-Saharans dominate the population. 

For more on the epidemic of black-on-white violence in South Africa, google the search term "South Africa farm murders" and click on "images."

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