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February 12, 2018 -- Make-up diplomacy is a cover up distracting our attention from the atrocities being committed by North Korea. 

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Just miles from the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea -- where some observers continue to fawn over Kim Jong Un's sister and North Korea's "smile diplomacy" -- a trio of Americans remain detained in the Hermit Kingdom.

Concern has only grown for the three Korean-Americans -- Kim Hak Song, Kim Dong Chul and Tony Kim -- since the death of American college student Otto Warmbier last June after the he spent 17 months locked away in North Korea. And though advocates said they were given some hope during President Trump’s State of the Union address, when the image of a North Korean defector defiantly holding his crutches in the air was met with rapturous applause, there's also a desire to see continued action and pressure applied against the rogue regime.


While the broadcast of the Winter Olympics is a chance to see the sporting world's finest for some, for Sol, it's a constant reminder of his father.

“As I watch the news about the Olympics I know my dad is being held just miles away from there,” he said. “It makes me wonder if there’s an opportunity for the U.S. government to press harder for the release of my dad, and all three Americans.”

Kim family spokesperson Randall Brandt told Fox News that, "while we cheer for our American Olympic athletes," the Americans being detained are first and foremost on the family's minds.

"While the challenges are great in the region, we think that a humanitarian resolution to the three Americans being detained in North Korea would be an important step in the right direction,” Brandt said.

To that end, the Trump administration has been working to secure the release of Tony Kim and the others held by North Korea, State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert told Fox News.

“We have seen the video released by Tony Kim’s son,” Nauert said. “We are working to see U.S. citizens who are detained in North Korea come home as soon as possible.”

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