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February 8, 2018 -- Why is the media hushed?

Black brawls occur routinely across America. Their occurrence is so frequent that they cannot be considered news. Were the media to report every black brawl, there would be little or no time to cover other news events. 

• A large fight erupted at Riverside High School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (sometimes called New Somalia). Videos of the brawl can be viewed at Facebook here. 

• A large fight erupted at a funeral in Dayton, Ohio prompting a police presence. The deceased was reported to have been murdered; a black life that didn't seem to evoke concern from Black Lives Matter. Read more here ►

• A large fight erupted at a trampoline park in Louisville, Kentucky. Race was not mentioned in the brawl, but reports say tensions rose as the park reached capacity and some were turned away. 

Here's a quote from in Louisville

Another boy who wanted to celebrate his birthday at Altitude, Dequante Hobbs Jr.

"I promised him that I would have his birthday there and I never go back on a promise with my kids," Hobbs' mother, Michesia Norment, said.

Dequante would have celebrated his 8th birthday on January 26. On the night of Sunday, May 21, 2017, Dequante died after being a hit stray bullet while sitting at his kitchen table. Norment said she will still have a party for her son where he wanted it.  
Click here to view the massive black brawl that occurred at a basketball game at Carver High School in in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. We're sure Carver would be proud of his progeny. 

• Two juveniles — race unreported — were arrested after an "unruly crowd" was dispersed at a mall in Stockton, California. This disruption may have been caused by Hasidic Jews, Chinese, or white Mormons. Read more here ►
A video screen shot reveals a white person
surrounded by blacks. The victim was beaten and
stomped in a high school parking lot. 

• Meanwhile, back in Baltimore, Maryland, four people were arrested after a "brawl" in the Perry Hall High School parking lot. A video of the brutal beating was posted by You may view the video here. Black attackers appear to surround a white victim as he is beaten and stomped.  

• Race was not mentioned after a large-scale brawl was reported outside an American Legion post in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. The post is located at the 600 block of South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

• A large fight was captured on video at Oak Court Mall in Memphis, Tennessee. Were race not a social construct, we would swear the participants were black. However, there is no such thing as race so we really can't tell. Watch the video here and give us your thoughts. 

• "A large fight broke out at a celebrity basketball game at Temple University’s Liacouras Center Saturday afternoon," reports You may watch the video here. The participants appear to have very dark skin. 

• A man was fatally shot outside Lincoln High School in Mayfair, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia).

Kennedy was shot and mortally wounded in the parking lot during a school basketball game. Police say there was an enormous fight outside among dozens of people. Many believed to be students from rival schools.
There are more massive black brawls to report this week, but like the mainstream media, were I to invest my time reporting them all, I could do nothing else. 


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