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February 17, 2018 -- A brawl at an Omaha, Nebraska high school involved two "groups" of students, new reports say. 

The two groups appear to be black and Hispanic. 

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A 14-year-old girl is missing a week of school at Omaha North High School after suffering from a concussion during a student fight last week. 

Lizthy Lopez was hit and punched several times at school when a fight between several boys took place during school hours on February 9th. 

Video of the fight caught on students' cell phones show dozens of students around the group of students fighting. Lopez is shown holding onto a male classmate trying to escape, as several boys pushed and hit her. 

"I blacked out. Sort of. I thought like what am I supposed to do? Fight back? I don't know. All I thought about was, Liz get out of there," said Lopez. 

Lopez said she has several bruises on her upper body, including her arms, head, and chest. She says her doctor told her she suffered a concussion and is dealing with frequent headaches as a result of her injuries. 

Lopez and her 16-year-old cousin Nellis Abrego, who was also shown in the video say the tension between the boys started on Thursday when a boy allegedly touched Lopez's other cousin inappropriately in class. They added the fight between two groups broke out in the hallway on Friday morning and was eventually stopped by a school police officer. Omaha Police Department was also called on scene.

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