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February 7, 2018 -- Once again racism raises its ugly head among social engineers as dark skin is presented as a remnant of inferior humans. 

Advanced people have white skin. That is the message scientists in Britain appear to be suggesting. 

The intellectual and cultural development of Britons correlated with lighter skin, the report suggests. 

Dark skin is a throw back to hunter-gatherers and, therefore, is an indicator of inferiority?

True? Or false? 

While most news outlets are heralding the "fact" that Cheddar Man — an individual who lived in Britain 10,000 years and 300 generations ago — had dark skin, the data reveals that outcome is less than conclusive. 

Dr Tom Booth, a scientist from the museum said that the findings that there was a 76 per cent chance that Cheddar Man was ‘dark to black’ – was ‘extraordinary’.

From Daily Mail ▼

‘Extraordinary’ DNA findings that the first ancient Britons had black skin, dark curly hair and blue eyes, have sent social media users into meltdown.

Details of analysis of the bones of ‘Cheddar Man’, who died 10,000 years ago in Somerset's Cheddar Gorge, were published to much fanfare this morning.  

Reactions online have ranged from cheesy-puns to comparisons with well known media personalities. 

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