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February 11, 2018

White Americans have been the perennial victims of black violence. They have been killed, beaten, robbed, raped, and more by black thugs.

Children and the elderly are frequent victims. 

Yet, we are convinced that white Americans have been the perpetrators of racial violence when, in fact, they have displayed exceptional tolerance to the point of abject folly. 

From the absurd notion of white privilege to the more ridiculous concept of "micro-aggressions," white Americans have, en masse, experienced a thought-reform process in which reality has been reversed.

Below are news accounts dating back to the late 19th century. Be mindful that these accounts represent the tip of the proverbial iceberg. 

Also be mindful that black-on-white violence permeated American culture from its inception. Abraham Lincoln, for example, was set upon by a mob of seven blacks during an excursion to New Orleans. Lincoln was 19 years old at the time. 

Writing in third person, Lincoln recalls: 

When he was nineteen, still residing in Indiana, he made his first trip upon a flat-boat to New-Orleans. He was a hired hand merely; and he and a son of the owner, without other assistance, made the trip. The nature of part of the cargo-load, as it was called - made it necessary for them to linger and trade along the Sugar coast - and one night they were attacked by seven Negroes with intent to kill and rob them. They were hurt some in the melee, but succeeded in driving the Negroes from the boat, and then "cut cable" "weighed anchor" and left.
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NOTE: All incidents below were gleaned from archived newspaper accounts from this LINK
For the first 495 cases of nego violence against innocent Americans...If you want to do a search yourself on any of the victims to find a source, simply go to the link above, indicate the year...then the name of the victim, or negro perp. Put no more than three words in the search bar. Below, I've arranged all the negro atrocities chronologically (i.e. by year)


(1882)  Mrs. Martha Rains (TERROR... was raped or attempted rape by negro Caleb Campbell, who was a known sexual predator in the area - negro was seized by mob of Americans...then lynched) source
(1882) Mrs. Vaugan (TERROR...raped by negro Henry Huddleston - she was described as a "widow" -  negro was later lynched by a mob) source
(1882) Mrs. Rodgers, 50 (TERROR...negro simply marched over to her home, when he found that the husband was gone, dragged her out of the house and raped her - negro was easily captured, tried and convicted...then lynched by a raging mob) 
Negro Rapes Two White Females In One Afternoon
(1882) Miss Minnie Green (TERROR...attacked by negro [emploee] as she slept - her screams for help brought her father and brother...then neighbors - negro J. Jackson was eventually captured and arrested)
(1882) Miss McDowell (TERROR... raped by negro John Johnson - negro was apprehended...then lynched) source
(1892)   Miss Lena McMahon  (TERROR...raped then beaten to near death - white female's injuries stated so severe she' wasn't expected to survive - negro was captured by a very determined posse of angry Americans...then lynched) source
(1893)   Miss Myrtle Vance,6  (TERROR... negro kidnapped the American [white] child, then sexually assaulted her...then tortured her as she begged for mercy - negro then murdered her -- negro Henry Smith of Tx, after he gave his stoic confession of how her raped and murdered the child, and how she begged for mercy , was tied to a stake...then burned alive as thousands of Americans watched and cheered)


Negro Sought A  Job  As  A  Ruse - His Actual Motive Was To Murder The Entire American Family (and in the course rape the housewife),  Then Steal What He Could, Then Flee The State 

White Victims:
* Mr. Alfred Cranford (attacked with an ax - murdered )
                                 * Mrs. Mattie Cranford (raped - severely beaten and strangled - survived by playing dead)
* Cranford Child (unknown injuries)

Note:  Negro Wilkes, AKA Hose, was captured, tied to a tree, gave a detailed confession...then was first attacked with knives, then set aflame while he was still alive.  Hose also implicated another negro named Elijah Strickland, claiming Strickland paid him to murder the Cranford family.  Local Americans hanged Strickland.

Click here to view a list of hundreds of news accounts chronicling black-on-white violence in the late 19th and early 20th centuries ►

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