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February 22, 2018 -- The media calls it "gang violence." It differs little from the tribal warfare that has been endemic to African culture for millennia. 

Replace spears with guns and drums with rap music. 

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Gunfire erupted outside Western Hills Mall Thursday afternoon, leaving the mall manager dead on the sidewalk, an innocent victim caught in the crossfire, police said.

Dozens of bullets were exchanged at the mall's north entrance when police say two groups of young men recognized each other and opened fire.

The manager - Anthony Alberigi, 59 - was struck and collapsed on the sidewalk where he was pronounced dead. 

Witnesses and police said the gunfight continued well after the warring groups left the mall parking lot.

Multiple cars were shot up in the Western Hills lot, a nearby car dealership also took stray bullets and another innocent victim was grazed as he drove along Interstate 59/20.

Three suspects were taken into custody off the interstate. It wasn't immediately clear just how many more were involved and are still sought.

"It's shocking,'' said Fairfield Police Chief Nick Dyer. "It's devastating actually."

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