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January 16, 2018 -- Has the racist card reversed itself? 

For decades the anti-white slur, "racist," was a powerful mind manipulation tool. 

Now it seems the accusation actually helps. It's become synonymous with "realist".

Granted, racism — disliking someone because of immutable biological characteristic — is both immoral and idiotic. However, those who make the false accusation appear weak-minded and void of reason while the accused is viewed as sane and above manipulation. 

Falsely labeling Donald Trump — or any white person — as a "racist" seems to bolster their standing among patriots. 

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NYT Officially Designates Trump A Racist, And Nobody Cares

The New York Times wants to make it official: President Donald Trump is a racist.

On Friday, the editorial board of America’s most influential paper asserted there was no doubt of that.

The editorial was in response to Trump reportedly asking why America takes in so many immigrants from “shithole” countries instead of places like Norway. “Where to begin?” the Times’ editorial board collectively sighed when reflecting on Trump’s statement. “How about with a simple observation: The president of the United States is a racist.”

It’s not a rare occurrence for liberal pundits to call the president of the United States a racist, but it is certainly an event to see The New York Times make it their editorial stance that Trump is a certified bigot.

And the paper only doubled down on its claim against Trump in the ensuing days.

On Sunday, Times columnist Charles Blow added his own opinion on Trump’s bigotry in an op-ed with the unsubtle title, “Trump Is a Racist. Period.”

On Monday, the paper of record published in its opinion section “Donald Trump’s Racism: The Definitive List,” a lengthy article that cataloged all of the president’s alleged acts of prejudice throughout his long life. From the business practices in his early days doing real estate to his comments on immigration during the 2016 campaign, The Times’ article tried to definitively argue Trump was a racist.

It’s a big deal that an institution like the Times is so intent on classifying the president as a racist. For past presidents, this would have marked the biggest crisis of their tenure. The lowest point of George W. Bush’s presidency, according to the man himself, was when rapper Kanye West claimed he didn’t care about black people.

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