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January 13, 2018 -- I wonder if this is a temporary frontal lobe malfunction, a permanent impulse control failure, inability to cogitate, or some other cause. 

I do know this: Such behavior has been endemic among blacks for generations pointing to a genetic predisposition to crime. 

There is no correlation between skin tone and crime. (I don't become more violent when I get a sun tan). However, the seems to be an indisputable correlation between low intelligence and crime. Violent criminal seem to fit the following profile: (a) males, (b) ages 18 to 49, and (c) IQs ranging from the high 70s to the mid 90s. 

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Cheetos Thief Threatens Bodega Clerk: ‘I’ll Blow Your Head Off!’

The suspect then grabbed a bag of Cheetos from the counter and ran from the store, police said

An armed man threatened to blow a bodega clerk’s head off while robbing a Brooklyn store of Cheetos, police said.

The suspect walked into a bodega on Rockaway Avenue in Brownsville late last month and handed the clerk a $50 bill to pay for food, according to police. The clerk refused to accept the bill, telling the man it appeared to be counterfeit.

That’s when police say the man pulled out a firearm and told the clerk: “Try and do something and I’ll blow your head off!”

The suspect then grabbed a bag of Cheetos from the counter and ran from the store, police said.


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